Sunday, 14 September 2008

We're going to Kentucky, We're going to the fair . . .

Except it wasn't Kentucky, and there was no Senorita with roses in her hair. It was better than that. It was the KW KNITTER'S FAIR!

Much improved from last year. There was space to move, and it wasn't ridiculously hot from all the people packed into a tiny space. Loved. It.

JennyP and I started bright and early. I picked her up, and we were first in line at 8:45 am. Doors weren't until 9:30. Why did we queue up so early? This is why:

Mom found us in the line, and joined us for a brief while. She got an awesome deal on some alpaca/angora, and I'm terribly jealous . . . but hey, she got lucky. Good on her! I will be honest, with all that yarn and goodness, it's hard to remember to take photos. But I did make a valiant effort.

This is what it looked like inside:

Well, that, and this:

It's where dreams are dreamed, and things like this get them started:

Yummy! I bought some of that . . . see?

It will be a sweater for Sweet Pea, as it is superwash, and delightfully soft and squishy.

Here's the whole haul from yesterday.

Mostly Sweet Pea sweaters (don't even start. I like knitting for her!) but also a new spindle, some roving, and some awesome buttons.

Let's break it down.
We started with spinning supplies. Since my spinning session with JennyP a while back, I've been enjoying spinning very much. I did this on Wednesday:

It has since been completely spun, and plied, and I'm super impressed with the results. My spindle, however, is mighty tiny - so I picked this stuff up yesterday:

Much bigger spindle, and a wee niddy noddy. Lovely! Now I can spin with more zest and fervor!

I got roving to go along with it:

Merino Bamboo blend. Should be interesting.

And then we got into the yarns. I got this on a whim, because the colours are so much fun!

And I got this delicious stuff for a third Pea Pod - this time in a much larger size!

It is absolutely divine.

But perhaps the coolest thing I picked up yesterday is right here:

Buttons! Yeah, I know . . . whoop-i-dee-doo, right? They're cool, I promise! They're MOOSE ANTLER BUTTONS! When the moose shed their antlers, this guy gets them and makes buttons out of them. I think they're incredible! They'll go on my chocolate jacket, which has been waiting and waiting for some really special (BIG) buttons.

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Batty said...

Nice haul! That's some gorgeous yarn, but you're right... those moose antler buttons are extra special.