Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Big bad Betty

You remember Betty? The cute pink sock monster from a few posts back?

Well, it would seem Betty was a hit at the Knitter's Frolic. Etcgirl tells me that Betty was so well met, in fact, that they sold out of Sock Monster kits.

Mission accomplished.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

My Girl

Ah, my Sweet Pea. Just shy of 2, full of enthusiasm and silliness.

She loves to play outside. We'll be getting her a full outdoor playset soon . . I just have to decide on one.

She also loves to eat . . . even when she's not supposed to be eating. Here she is getting dinner ready for me -- and snacking.

And with her really exciting hot dog picnic.

But I think this was her favourite of all -- driving my car!!

I'm almost done.

I'm in a weird, weird place right now.
In the last week or so, for various reasons, I've really been pushing to finish up all my knitting projects.

Yesterday, I completed (Bad-Ass) Betty.

Another sock monster, this one is a store sample for Shall We Knit? To make her one of the girls, I gave her a string of pearls, and a polka dot apron of her own - just like they wear to all their events.

She is my favourite sock monster to date. Love her!
She was a rush job because Karen of SWK hinted that Betty might be going to the Knitter's Frolic with the store display. Since the pattern is a blast, and the finished product is adorable, I really wanted to have her ready to go. Sadly, the last week or so I've been feeling a mite under the weather - totally screws with the knitting. I really had to buckle down to get her done. But I finish her I did! I delivered her to the store yesterday.

There was much squeeing. Made the nauseated knitting worth it. (Thanks Etcgirl!)

The other project on the go was my Summer Fun Tee. I wanted to get it done, so that I could wear it. Just this morning, I put the final trim on around the neck. Now I have to weave in ends, and sew 2 tiny seams, and it's ready for wearing!

So why does this put me in a weird place? Because now I have nothing on the needles. No works in progress. There are things I'd like to cast on . . . but given the state of my health right now, I'm not motivated to actually start anything. I promised a friend of mine some small items as donations for her local hospital, but that's going to take a while - I need to be in the right head space to make preemie burial items, and I'm definitely not there right now. I have a pair of baby mittens that I had set aside a long time ago, after I misplaced one . . . they only need a thumb, but it's May and not the right time of year for making mittens.
But . . . what do I do at work if I'm not knitting between calls?