Monday, 30 June 2008

Bead it! Oh, and get out of my pelvis, kid.

My due date is Wednesday. WEDNESDAY. That's this week, boys and girls -- day after tomorrow.

Mind bottling (name that movie quote!).

I never thought I'd make it this far. I thought I'd be early for sure. That's why three weeks ago I started to get really, really antsy. But something weird happened late last week -- I stopped being antsy. I don't want to say I stopped caring, because I DO care. I want the baby here and in my arms . . but now, I feel like I can wait. Maybe it's because Sprout is engaged, and out of my lungs. Maybe it's because I've figured out that 'natural induction techniques' are ridiculous. Maybe it's because I don't really feel pregnant anymore. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I'm not losing my mind with anticipation anymore.

I have this niggling feeling that the birth is coming closer and closer -- and of course it is! Every day brings us one day closer . . we just don't know which day it will be.

While I wait, I knit. Like crazy.

Juno Regina.
Knit in a lovely wool silk blend by Fiddlesticks -- Zephyr.
Cast on last Tuesday - in the last 10 inches of charts as we speak.
I opted to bead it since I have lots of leftover beads from last year's mystery stole, and they're a perfect match for this yarn. It's gorgeous! And it's remarkably long. I bet it makes an awesome stole.
I was knitting it up for something to do while I waited. I didn't figure I'd get very far before Sprout's arrival, but now it looks like I'll finish it before Sprout's arrival. I was thinking of tucking it away for a gift for someone, since I don't love the colour of the yarn. I was thinking of running a contest with the stole as a prize. I just don't really know what to do with it.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

I had a clever title, but I forgetted it . . .

. . . in the excitement of receiving a box via post this morning! What was in it?

These (not the socks, the booties) and this and these!
So Jesh is officially off the hook - it's not her fault I'm STILL pregnant (like she thought it might be) and she doesn't owe me for the sweater kit anymore - we're totally square!

Yesterday, at my prenatal, I decided that OB's get paid too much. This week's astute comment: 'hard to say, you might have the baby this week, you might not'. Gee thanks Doc. Especially since my due date falls within this week. Oy.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Sweater mit buttons

I love it even more with buttons! I found the buttons at the local Mennonite crafting and giftware store. They're plastic, so highly washable, and precisely the colour I was hoping for!

Also, I decided that the birthday sweater should not leave the house - or the basement, in fact, so I cast on for Juno Regina today. I figure that way, I have something to work on . . in Public! Like, with my knitting friends, who might lose respect for me otherwise.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Sweatery goodness

February Lady Sweater!

This was a 'put down everything, pay attention only to me' sweater. And I absolutely love it thus far -- even though it may be a little early to call. It's only been finished for like, 2 hours . . . and it still needs buttons.
Start to finish, this sweater took 2 weeks. I saw it on Ravelry 2 weeks ago, queued it, dreamed about it, envisioned wearing it, and bought yarn for it the very next day. I wanted to make it in Cotton Fleece, but I can't find a store that carries it in the area. Instead, I settled for Cotton Ease - at first it felt disappointing, but given that there's a baby in my very near future, perhaps a sweater I can machine wash and dry without a second thought is a good idea.
I cast on for the sweater at the latest guild meeting, made it most of the way through the yoke, and then found out there was errata the next day. Sigh. Frogged what I had done, and started over. I'm glad I did, because the sizes had changed. Initially I cast on for the Large, then frogged, and went with Medium. Really, I think I should have gone for Small. It's only slightly too big though, and who knows, maybe the cotton will shrink.

Now I need to focus on mom's birthday sweater for a while.

Garden news:
Well, the peonies came and went this year in under a week, so I totally missed them. But, Look what I have now!Beautiful, isn't it?

Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Way-hay-ting is the hardest part!

Prepare for a whine:

My back hurts, and I feel nauseated, and crampy and full of charley horses and I just want it to end! And I know that the widget says 11 more days, but I also know I can't count on that, and that it could be a lot longer, and that just makes me miserable.

I have now had three instances of unbelievable 'could this be it' pain in the last few weeks. Two instances at work, both lasting about an hour to an hour and a half, both with what I think were contractions (they felt like a wicked bad muscle cramp) happening about 10 minutes apart. Today, there was another bout, but it was different. Today I was pretty sure we were on -- but alas, it was not to be. All for the best, I suppose. Both my parents and the doula are out of town this weekend.

I've got the nursery all set up now, the bags are pretty much packed, baby laundry is done, we're all ready for Sprout to show up -- any time now kiddo! Come on out!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Sunday, 15 June 2008

My fingers, they are numb

They have been numb all day. I thought it would go away, but it refuses . . . sigh. Hopefully, Sprout will be delivered sooner rather than later, and the edema will vanish.

This puts a serious crimp in gettin' my knit on. I can only do like, a row, maybe 2 before the numb gets distracting. Then I go eat something - oh yeah, did I mention the numb is great for my waistline too?

The dresser was delivered today (yeah, no segue . . so??). It looks great! I love it . . . except the handles. They're rather . . . festive. Sprout's Grandpa painted them red, green and white. (Oh my)
We'll leave them on long enough to be polite, and then replace or repaint them. Now we have to determine a nursery layout that we can both live with.

I realized that I neglected to bring the blog up to date with Guild Adjudicated Show info. Tuesday was the show and tell. My stuff did not win, and it did not get a technical honourable mention HOWEVER:
The Yarn Harlot was the adjudicator, and also narrated the entire show and tell.
Chocolate Jacket: she called me a clever knitter for my yarn choice, and wrote on my entry form that it was brilliantly knit and embellished.
Kimonos: She squeed over, and wrote on the form that they made her want to play with dolls.
Merry: I really don't remember. Oops.
Bunny Booties (which I still haven't photographed): She said she couldn't help but put her fingers in them and play with them, and wrote on the form that they made her want to have another baby (and that's really saying something).
So I still got the validation I so desired, and my knits are safely back in my possession - before Sprout's appearance!
Sadly, in a cleaning spree, Mr. Wonderful threw away the forms with the comments - but really I suppose it's for the best . . . who needs entry forms hanging around anyway? I realized he'd done it before the trash went out, but opted not to save them. I have the memories!

Now, if you'll excuse me, we're having a pretty impressive thunder storm and I should probably turn the PC off.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

POST 100!


I was saving this post, you know . . for like, an appropriate contest or something. But I lack the brains to make up a cool contest or something. Oh well, whatever.

So welcome to my 100th post. :D

The garden is doing wonderfully. No photos because I haven't taken any, but the peonies are out in full bloom (the ones that decided to bloom this year) the clematis has a tonne of buds, the annuals have taken nicely -- all thanks to Mr. Wonderful, who is in charge of the gardens this year.

Sprout is also doing wonderfully. Lots of wiggles and shoving - usually painful, especially that grindy little head, but things are progressing. The Dr. says we will likely go rather close to the due date - not the news I was hoping for, but there it is. Yesterday, Mr. Wonderful's place of work gifted him with a baby shower - and LORDY did they ever give us a lot of stuff! His co-workers must have pooled $300-$400 for that gift - I guess they really like him! I feel fully prepared materials wise for Sprout's arrival now!
Today, my team at work gave us a rather sweet little gift as well. Awww!
I will say that edema sucks balls. I will be happy to have my own feet, ankles, legs and hands back.

Knitting has been going on. Not so easy now that my hands are remarkably swollen, but it's been happening.
I finished the seed st jacket.I'm still 100% in love with the colour, and the pooling and everything. Check out those sweet buttons!And I got buttons for some other sweaters - some of which are even sewn on already!

I cast on for a gorgeous sweater - twice, actually. I'll show you when it's more . . . done.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

For the love of Sprout

Sunday, as I briefly mentioned, was Sprout's baby shower.

And it was incredible!

Sadly, I didn't do a great job with the photos . . . but here are some!

To the left: Sprout's cousin, Aunts, and my knitting buddies -- but I cut one in half. :( I don't love you any less 42MainSt, I promise!!

To the right: another Aunt, Mr. Wonderful's cousin, a friend of my mom's . . . and cleverly disguised as a gift bag, Sprout's Nana. I swear, that woman is so tiny, she fit right inside that bag ;)

To the left again: another cousin of Sprout's in the pink, my cousin's daughters, and my Aunt. Oh, and Sprout's Aunt's Knee.

So let me tell you the tale of my remarkable insecurity, and how it was put to rest on Sunday.
We'll begin with my bridal shower. Before Mr. Wonderful and I were married, my now SIL offered to hostess a bridal shower for me. I was very excited and optimistic, arrived at the location full of anticipation -- and only my mother, my aunt, my Matron of Honour, ONE bridesmaid and my SIL showed up. It was absolutely humiliating. Especially given the list of invitees.
Fast forward three years (almost) to the day before Sprout's Shower. I'd had a few friends tell me they weren't going to be able to make it, and I had a bit of a freak out. I called my parents house and sort of wigged out on my dad's shoulder (he can be so awesome sometimes . . . everyone needs a daddy, even when they're all grown up). I was having visions of shower 2.o being sparsely attended . . . yet again. I even had nightmares about it all week. I had a teary, hormonal moment all over Mr. Wonderful (who seems mighty confused about my emotional state as of late - but he's really trying to have the right responses).
So I was completely blown away when I arrived at the baby shower, and the room was packed. Seriously. Standing room only. I'm told there were 22 ladies there, and more who couldn't attend, but sent gifts. And I was only expecting 7-10 attendees.


To be able to actually SEE how anticipated this child is - and not just for Mr. Wonderful and I, but for a room full of people - some of whom were friends of my mother's that I don't even know . . . it was a huge boost. It may just get me through the remainder of this pregnancy.

And the gifts were remarkably generous, and some were just so beautiful! Sprout has lots of handmade treasures now. Still needs to be a girl . . . although there's much more in the realm of gender neutral in the nursery than there was before. As these lovely things come into rotation, I'll have to photograph them and share them . . . or I could share a few of them now!

Here is the boxes, and bags, etc. once we got it all home. It took two cars! I was completely astonished!
Sprout's gorgeous Crib Quilt. My mom is a quilter. An amazing quilter. Her taste and mine don't often intersect, and I know she would have preferred to make a baby quilt in baby colours, but this quilt is just so perfect for the room! AND it can be used for years and years to come. Note how the polka dots are used? Sense a theme? I love that she let me pick/approve the fabrics before she put all the time and effort into this quilt, because I think it's beyond perfect, and I absolutely love it. And I'm not sure I would have felt the same about a different quilt.

This was probably the gift that drew the most Ohhhs and Ahhhs. My good knitting friend, Ski, made up these adorable booties in three sizes, and a fun little noodle hat. I had to keep a close eye on these -- they were much beloved!

And here's the one that almost made me cry. Months ago, another of my knitting friends zagraham flitted off to Britain, to roam the European country side. She sent this for Sprout. It's so soft, and absolutely lovely. And I can't even imagine the patience it took!
Just beautiful.

Now, generally, I am not one for pink, or acrylic, or swing coats on babies -- but this set is absolutely precious, and will definitely be used. As long as Sprout is a girl. I love the circles on it. Too cute! It's another mom gift -- she's a little excited, I think ;)

There's an awful lot more I'd like to share with you, but sadly, I've run out of time. I have an OB appointment to make - hoping for 'labour is imminent' news . . . I just can't wait to meet this baby! Of course, I know I'm only 36 weeks . . . she really can't or shouldn't come yet.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Nursery advancing!

Look! A crib! And a change/dressing table. Mr. Wonderful says he hears dressing tables are invaluable. I remain skeptical, but there it is.
I would like to have an arm chair of some sort in the room, for nursing. We have a small TV as well that I'd like to put in the room somewhere, but I seem to be running out of space, and the will to spend money . . arm chairs are pricey!
We're still waiting on our dresser - I hope to get it today . . . at Sprout's BABY SHOWER!