Monday, 27 June 2011


For the last month, my every free moment has been monopolized. By dolls. Their hair. Their clothes. The little details that make them so charming.
But I am pleased to announce that the giveaway dolls are finally done, and the giveaway is live on my Making Friends blog.


Enter if you'd like. There are no restrictions, no strings attached.

Now I am free to knit again! I have made a bunch of a sock in the last 18 hours. A whole BUNCH of a sock!! Soon I will have my very own hand made socks, and I can wear them and feel happy.
I can maybe finally finish that which is on the needles.
I can knit the sample I owe Shall we Knit? That would be great.
I can sew project bags and finish aprons, finish up that quilt, and move on to new things.

In other news, Boober has learned how to sit by himself. Also, just last week he started crawling in a spastic, interrupted manner. It takes him a while to get going - but he's determined! No one but the family has seen him do it yet, but it's a brand-new skill. Soon he'll be doing it all the time. Then his grandparents will finally see and maybe even believe me that I'm not crazy!!

Friday, 17 June 2011

The cake is a lie.

There are a million things going on in my life right now. Seriously. At least a million.
Between kids and Making Friends and Carried Away and attempts at domesticity, I am stressed right out. This month is particularly rough due to the Making Friends giveaway - which is supposed to be ready for release next Tuesday. Honestly, it will take a freakin' miracle. Or some miraculous time management. I have one of the three dolls done. If I can get the others stuffed, I can cart them around to detail and put hair on and things throughout my weekend commitments, but god only knows.
The one doll I have done is cute as a button. I'm well pleased with her. She's still naked . . . but thems the breaks. The second doll is stuffed and mostly assembled, but still needs some serious work. The final doll has a head. Let's not speak of the final doll.

Anyway, what I'm getting at here is that there is an awful lot I could be blogging, but I don't have the time to sit and apply myself. Sad.
So let me tell you about last weekend. Last weekend I attended a baby shower. I believe I've expressed my feelings re: showers in the past, but to re-cap: hate 'em. Nothing worse than sitting in a room with a bunch of other women you don't know or want to know, listening to blather and small talk.
This shower was different. It was small and intimate. I know more than 1/2 the guests, and no one there made me want to slap them repeatedly. The games were minimal and in good fun - not rude or insulting to our expecting friend. Does any pregnant woman feel better about her size after seeing it in toilet paper?
I was most anticipating the reaction to the gift I made for this shower. See, the baby's daddy is a gamer. This man LOVES games of any sort. He and I have common ground in Portal. So when I was invited to the shower, I knew I wanted to do something around the running jokes in Portal - specifically 'the cake is a lie' and the weighted Companion Cube. I thought about making a pillow, but meh. After thinking about it for a short while, I came up with the perfect idea -- a mobile! I still had the frame from Sweet Pea's Care Bears mobile. This was the end result.


The cake was made by an Etsy seller - I lack the skill and patience for that. The cube was my creation though.
I hope baby B loves it!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A new blog for my side business

As you all know, I make Waldorf dolls. I sell them on Etsy, and through contacts, and so on.

I've started a blog for this venture, so that fans of my work can follow along without full access to my life. Yes, I recognize that this blog is a public forum, and that anyone can find it, read it, etc. I know it links to my Etsy shop. But I feel that this is my personal blog. A place where I don't need to present a professional, polished face at all times. I don't want to drive my customer base to this blog. Instead, I started up a new, dedicated blog for Making Friends. You can find it here.
This means you may be seeing less about the dolls here in the future.

You should also know that June 21 marks the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Making Friends. To celebrate, I'll be giving away a doll. Go check it out!