Saturday, 31 May 2008


Forgive me for being a little pre-occupied -- but in just 11 days, Sprout will be considered 'full term'. Woah. That's a heavy thought. And I have only 14 work days left until my Mat leave. There is stuff going on at work right now that I won't even be there for. Amazing. I had some training yesterday for a program that will be implemented the week after I leave.

I had a full-on meltdown this week. Monday was a very bad day for me . . . I was feeling fat, and swollen, and tired of being pregnant - and people were being kind of nasty about it. I was feeling mighty low. Then I got into a bit of a misunderstanding with a much beloved friend, and I felt even lower. Then Mr. Wonderful asked what was wrong, and I told him, and he kind of had the wrong response, and I cried and cried. It was terrible! And probably very much hormone driven - but man, I was miserable! Fortunately, Mr. Wonderful realized his response was not what I was looking for, and he corrected it -- but still, it took me almost all of Tuesday to get over Monday.
Tuesday I only had a half day at work due to an OB appointment - which I now have weekly (what a colossal waste of time) . . but something kind of awesome happened. Know how Sprout has never been much of a mover? Well, it seems she's changed her mind. As of Tuesday, Sprout is a confirmed squirmer. She wiggles almost constantly - which is making me kind of fine with still being pregnant again. Because now it's not like I just have a giant belly. Now I have a giant belly that wiggles and thumps. And that's just entertaining sometimes!
Of course, I now have to deal with some wicked bad edema in my feet and ankles, and my hands are going numb which drastically slows my knitting, but what can you do? It's last trimester pregnancy and the end, she is in sight!

I'm considering casting on for childhood, even though I really should buckle down and finish my eyelet chemise . . . The seed st jacket is all but done - just needs buttons. And I plan on getting all my required button shopping done next Tuesday . . . which I have off! Due to another OB appointment.

I really feel like the finish line is approaching on this whole pregnancy business, and I look forward to my body being single occupancy again - Now I just have to hope that Sprout is a girl AND arrives in a timely fashion.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Nursery Progress

Lucky baby! What a fun room!
I don't know why the lines are all distorted, but I assure you the squares are square - not all wavy.
Now that the painting is done, the crib can be assembled. The crib skirt is made, I still need to make sheets, and the curtains. Baby's Grandma has made a really precious crib quilt . . . from there, we need to procure the dresser (baby's Grandpa is working on that as we speak and hopefully he's nearly done . . I NEED that dresser!) and get a glider rocker. I think that's it . . .

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Cripes! Panic ensues

So I've been evaluating Sprout's wardrobe . . . and dude, It's not good. I mean, like I've said before: if Sprout is a girl, we're golden. If Sprout is a boy, we're arsed. I'm trying not to freak out, but I can't help it! My baby needs some gender neutral clothes!!

So now I'm in full on panic mode, where I must knit like a freakin' banshee, because the gender neutral shit in stores just isn't doing it for me. And I really feel like Sprout could be here NEXT WEEK! (I really doubt it, but such is my sense of urgency at this time)
So I cast on for the Seed Stitch Baby Jacket.
It's a lot A LOT of seed stitch, and is kind of slow going due to the 'k1, p1'-ness of seed stitch. But I have to say, I love the yarn choice!
Isn't it pretty? Cascade 220 (yeah, I know - handwash only . . I'm a masochist) and such a lovely colourway. I even love the way it's pooling. Looks like cow spots . . or giraffe spots. FUN!
It's a 3-6 month size, so I'm hoping it will fit in the fall, and be a good 'out for a walk in our stellar stroller' sweater.
My mom got the same yarn for the same sweater, but in a yummy red colour.

I also queued Knitty's Childhood, and bought blue and brown washable wool to work it up in.

This kid will be stylin' . . and not in that straight off the rack kind of way either. In the way that says 'hey, we were so excited for you, we couldn't wait to meet you . . . so we knit like banshees.'

Monday, 19 May 2008

My Due Date Approacheth

So it occurred to me recently -- Sprout could feasibly be here in as little as 3 weeks, and they wouldn't try to stop her. This thought is both exhilarating, and alarming. Conversely, she could take as long as 8 weeks, and they wouldn't bat an eye either.

3 WEEKS? But the nursery isn't ready! And there are still lots of things we need! AHHH!
I'm trying to keep a tight hold on my nesting - there is still my baby shower in a few week's time, and really, a newborn baby doesn't need much of anything - a place to sleep, diapers, something to keep her warm . . cute handknits.
We've got most of that covered.

There is a family Moses Basket that we were supposed to be given temporarily, but that hasn't happened. My baby will have to sleep in a drawer! ;)

Of course, like most expectant mommas, I harbour the hope that my baby will come early - but not too early. Just early enough. Like in three weeks. Maybe four. I can't wait to meet her, look at her, hold her in my arms . . . test my breastfeeding abilities . . .
But the idea of becoming a mother -- a little intimidating. Not gonna lie.
Oh, it's not the birth. The birth doesn't scare me -- maybe I'm naive, maybe just realistic, but the birth is going to happen, one way or another. It will be what it is - difficult, easy, surgical, natural, whatever. The fact remains it will happen, and there is nothing I can do about it. It's after the birth, the raising of the child, that scares the bejesus out of me from time to time.

I think it would be different if I just knew what to expect, but I have heard so many conflicting reports. I've heard that I will be at the end of my rope, that I will be fatigued and harassed. I have heard that life with a newborn is a cake walk, I will be well-rested, and caught up on my daytime tv (who watches daytime tv anyway?), and have lots of time for housework and hobbies.

And that's just the newborn part! There are more stories still about the toddler years, childhood, and what it's like to have a teenager.
But all these tales have one thing in common . . . "it's so worth it"

Sunday, 18 May 2008

2 Loads of Laundry Hat

My WIPs are kicking my ass again, and I don't mind telling you -- it's bringing me down!

I just don't want to work on Mom's birthday sweater, and the Eyelet Chemise -- well, the pattern bit I'm at now doesn't seem to make sense. I need to look for errata, and then just suck it up and do the knitting. I finished the lace rib, now I'm working at the transition. It's confusing me for some reason. I'll also say estimating appropriate lengths and sizes for my post-pregnant body is difficult in my current massive state.

So I decided last night that I needed something with instant gratification quality to bring back my mojo -- and I found it! The Vine Lace Baby Hat from Knitting Daily. CUTE! And super fast. I cast on for it last night - ran into some issues, frogged and went to bed. This morning, I threw a load in the laundry and was just weaving in the ends when the second load came out of the dryer. Now that's pretty instant in terms of gratification. I'd definitely make it again -- and I might, in a bigger size very soon. I hardly even made a dent in the Hempathy I used.

Hey Jesh, look! We have twin kitties!! ;)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Separation Anxiety, and Sleepless Nights

You know what time it is? 3 am. Why am I blogging? Because I can't sleep. Why can't I sleep? Sprout. Little bugger. All stretchin' up into my ribs and trying to break things!! I mean, it's not like it's intentional . . . I forgive her . . but OW! Add to that my nightly routine of wicked indigestion/heartburn, and you have one tired momma to be. Sadly, there's no end in sight. I have years of sleepless ahead of me, I'm sure.

I've done it. I put 5 things into my knitting Guild's juried show.

Pink Lemonade: Because it got such a great response on Ravelry, and everyone I've shown it to has gone bananas for it.

Her fraternal twin sister Frankenpattern: also very cute.

A pair of itty baby bunny slippers - no photos because I had actually just finished them at work, and didn't photograph them yet. Trust me when I say they are cuter than hell!

The (dreaded) Chocolate jacket: Sans Shawl pin -- not that I don't trust 'em, but . . .

And my Merry Little Cardi: Beautiful, complicated, and the yarn choice was perfect!

The theme of our show this year is embellishment, and every one of these projects has some sort of embellishment going on -- whether it's a patterned edge, or stuff actually stitched on.
Do I think I'll win anything? No. There are a lot of great knitters in my guild including Debbie New and Sally Melville. But, yes, sadly, I do need that kind of validation from time to time. I'm hoping for an honourable mention somewhere along the line. Now here is where the separation anxiety comes in -- I will be without these objects until JUNE 10 at 7pm!! I'm feeling a little sweaty about that! What if Sprout comes? And she's a girl? She won't be able to wear her pretty little newborn sized kimonos, that are only meant to fit for a week or two! And the Cashmere/Silk bunny slippers will go to waste!! And what if my beautiful stuff gets lost??

Okay, cognitively, I know I'm over-reacting, and being totally ridiculous . . . but man, I put my heart into my baby knits, and that chocolate jacket nearly frickin' killed me! It's, well, weird to be apart from them! And I did not anticipate that!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Not from the bathroom mirror!

I didn't realize I was looking so pregnant!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Pretty Things!

Okay, I really hope Sprout's a girl, because if she is, she's going to have some gorgeous things to wear! And if Sprout's a boy . . . well, he's going to be naked. Or at least, without handknits. Poor child.On Sunday I started the above knitting. It's hard to tell, but it's a lovely little dress. You'll see it when it's done, promise. I made it before, in this post. It was a different colour then. And a different yarn. And even a different gauge. I love this new one! I'm already done the front, and almost one whole sleeve -- that's 50% in just a few days! Now that's what I call a motivated knit.

I bought the yarn a few months ago for a sweater that really (sadly) didn't work out. I'm almost glad now, given how darling this dress is going to be. Up close, the yarn makes me think of sherbet. It's raspberry, peach and plum - such a yummy colour combo.

This was the knitting project with the biggest flame under my bum, given that last time, the knitting took MONTHS -- largely due to inexperience, I think. I thought I'd never have it done on time, but now I'll be very surprised if I don't . . because it will mean Sprout is very early indeed.