Saturday, 27 December 2008

. . . at the In-Laws

Mr. W's family is weird! They have holiday dinners at 2pm. Weird, right?
So after opening our gifts at home in the morning, we had to pack the car and get to the In-Law's lickedysplit. Half way there, I realized I had left 2 gifts behind. One was for Mr. W, the other was for 2 kids who weren't going to be there. We decided it wasn't a big deal and kept on our way.

We pulled up at the In-Laws at 1:45, and man, you could smell dinner in the driveway. It was incredible! RockStarHairStylist SIL was already there with her husband, BigBroIL lives there and was, therefore, present. Needless to say Sweet Pea was instantly accosted with love and attention.

In the interests of time, I will sum up:
Dinner was incredible
Sweet Pea was loved, snorggled, and passed from person to person. She was happy as a clam. Until she suddenly wasn't. But it was late, and she was overwhelmed.
Gifts were wonderful. Here is what I got:

This yarn will become the following vest when it grows up:

The remnant will be legwarmers.
So basically, I got amazing stuff that I really wanted and can definitely use for Christmas this year! I got to spend some really quality time with family! I came out of the season feeling whole, happy and very satisfied - contrast that with the harrassed and aggravated feeling I usually have following the Christmas season, and I have to say . . . Best. Christmas. Ever.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Baby's first Christmas. OR Holly Jolly!

THAT . . . was a fabulous Christmas! In all ways. It was superb. Gifts were great, family gatherings were great, merriment was made. Just amazing!

Christmas Eve we had my parents and brother's family over for our celebration. It all went very well . . great food, great company. Only hitch was that our 12 pound turkey cooked in 2 hours. 2 hours!! So we kind of had a mad rush to get everything else ready before the turkey dried out and got all icky. We were successful, btw.

We each opened one gift Christmas Eve. This was mine: a long sleeve T, some fabric with brass instruments on it, and this . . .
Three balls of Noro Silk Garden Chunky. I have very high hopes for this yarn. And this colourway? SCRUMMY!

Christmas morning was LOTS of fun!
How is it that children know it's Christmas? Normal mornings begin with soft sounds coming from the crib. Christmas morning began with squeals, giggles and sounds of excitement coming from the crib. (So did this morning, to be fair). I got Sweet Pea out of her bed, changed her, dressed her . . . and then . . .

And that's just the gifts from her dad and I and my side of the family! Oh, plus her car seat of course, which didn't fit in the frame.

I opened another package with a long sleeve T in it (score!) and This:

Ohhhh yeah!

But the best present was still to come . . .
Mr. Wonderful's gift. Dudes, he earned his moniker!

See the big box on the couch beside me? That's what it was wrapped in. See the big-ass grin on my face? That's how you look when you've just received something you really wanted, but never in a million years thought you would get because it's just too pricey . . . and then the love of your life surprises you with it anyway! AND THAT'S NOT EVEN THE BEST PART! Mr. W is so thoughtful!! Dudes, he loaded it with all the CDs I put on my wish list, all the music I had on my old run-down iPod shuffle, all the music he thought I would like . . . AND some videos too! This took time, effort, thought, and some investigation. W's nuts about me. Yes, he has a brother.

Then it was off to the in-laws, but not before exploring some new toys.

. . . I think the in-laws is a post for tomorrow though . . .

Thursday, 25 December 2008


Best. Christmas. Ever.

More info to come.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

They called it 'Snowmageddon' . . .

. . . and they weren't fucking around!

Just last Thursday I could see frozen grass clawing through patches of icy snow.
Today? Not so much.

The snowbanks are high and deep. (That's my neighbour's backyard rink. Dude loves his kids. Alot.)

The BBQ and garbage can are almost invisible.

And that's how much snow my car accumulated in just one night! I totally drove it yesterday!!
I'm supposed to drive it again today, but I don't think I want to unearth it. Seriously, napkins just aren't that important. Napkins AND drinks though . . maybe.

White Christmas indeed.

Speaking of Christmas, I didn't share the last 2 gifts I made!

Probably my favourite of the bunch:

Liked it so much I made one for myself. Only red.

And finally:
For 42MainSt, who can use a little extra love right about now.

Today is slated to be my family's Christmas fete, taking place chez nous. The house isn't tidy enough, the cooking isn't prepped enough, and I still have to go get napkins and drinks and baby cereal. Why did I volunteer to have everyone over?? Remind me that this is a bad idea in the future, okay?

Amid all the hustle and bustle - remember to have yourself a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, A Swell Saturnalia -- whatever you celebrate, and even if you don't . . . enjoy it.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Always learning.

In the past, I've learned that this little girl:

Can get really crabby if she doesn't take her naps. Of course, she dislikes napping. Cuts into her playing and interacting time.

When she doesn't nap, she lacks the energy to fight things like this, mind you:

Generally, going down for a nap involves nursing to sleep, and then me sitting as still as a statue until my arms, bum and back go numb. The instant I move, she's awake.
Today, I learned that if I put her in her crib sleepy, and just leave the room -- she will go to sleep! This frees up alot of time for me!

She's always learning too. In the last day or two, she's learned how to sit - not for less than 2 seconds, and no more than 10 seconds - on her own, unsupported.

And yes, that's me holding her hand. Not for support, but to prevent her from biting her toes. Because alot of pics of Sweet Pea sitting look like this:

The second she sees those toes, she simply must taste them.

Friday, 19 December 2008

(It's Okay to get) Carried Away!

Now available at Shall We Knit, in New Hamburg.

Also, I may really dislike Noro Kureyon, but look at this!!

THAT, I do not dislike at all!

Nephew's Christmas Pea pod is finally finished. Buttons are on and everything. I am, as of 8:30 this morning, done! and ready!

Bring on Christmas!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

AH! A zombie! (baby)

Just imagine that the grunting is her going "Booooobs, Booooooobs"

Monday, 15 December 2008

I'm so in love

She fills my heart with peace, and happiness, and light.

She is so innocent and so genuine. When she smiles at me it's because she's happy to see me, or because we're having fun together - not because she wants something. She is everything good and wonderful in this world distilled and concentrated into a tiny body.

I am in absolute awe of her.

Friday, 12 December 2008

We have a winner!

Already notified via ravmail - I'm so organised!

Congrats Nessa! Your very own bag will be sent post haste - as per your request.

Now would you like to know which name was selected?

Well, it was CLOSE.
I liked Port-a-purl. It made me snicker right out loud the first time I heard it. I discussed with my real-life cohort and decided that sadly, it just wasn't as marketable as . . . .


Speaking of real life cohorts, I gave JennyP her gift a few days ago . . .

She's a sock knitter!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Okay everyone, the bag naming contest closes tonight at midnight! That gives you just under 8 hours. I have 2 front runners right now, but I'm still open to suggestions. And if you are a real-life friend, expect to be asked to help me decide!

This is what I'm knitting right now:

Because with Christmas just 2 weeks away, a pea pod for my nephew still on the needles, and Sweet Pea's Christmas quilt days away from completion, what I really need is something else to help with the procrastination.
Maple Seed Hat. Crafted in Noro Kureyon, and in case you were wondering, NO. This yarn has not met my expectations. It's actually pretty terrible. It's got the phenomenal colour changes going for it, and that's about it. Anyone know another yarn with great colours that doesn't suck?
Cool pattern. I might make it again.

2 of my giftees were presented with their presents today, so I can share. For Sno who loves all things skully:

For kniteopath, who is constantly trying to get to her gardening:

Yeah, that's right. Crochet! That took some time, and the careful tutelage of the internet!

Tomorrow I'll gift one more. Not sure when I'll see the other 2 ladies, but hopefully soon.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Busy Beaver

Oh holy crap! So much has gone on in the past few days, I thought I hadn't updated in weeks.

First, we put up the tree for Sweet Pea's enjoyment.

We had a fairly relaxed weekend. Just hung around, visited the in-laws, etc.
Yesterday was Sweet Pea's five month check up. We saw a nurse practitioner who didn't say one little thing about the wee lass gaining less than a pound in the last month. In contrast with the one who told me I must supplement as she had only gained 2.5 pounds . . . . interesting, no? And these ladies work in the same office. Hm.

The crazy busy feeling comes from this: I completed SEVEN projects in the last 2 or 3 days. Five of them are gifts, and cannot be shared as of yet. The other two are as follows:

Knitty's Doddy. A fun little distraction, and a nice way to put a (small) dent in my worsted left-overs. I used the pattern for pentagon C only - didn't want to get too busy, or to have to haul the pattern around with me at all times. My blonde moment came as I struggled with the magic loop on the final pentagon before going "oh yeah, DPNs!!"

Sweet Pea's Pinwheel. I'll likely give it to her for Christmas.
I intended to make another one, but I don't think I love it enough on her to do that. I want shoulders on it, so it'll stay on! I think I'll use the colour combo I'd selected for pinwheel 2 elsewhere, mind you.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

A celebration is in order!!

Finally, after much frustration, finagling, and many angry tears, Sweet Pea completed not one, but TWO back to tummy rolls.

Now I think she wonders why she ever bothered. She doesn't like being on her tummy.

Yesterday we did a whole boat-load of running around. Finished Christmas shopping for my parents, started Christmas shopping for Sweet Pea. What's left on the list? Just a toy for the girl, and something for the Albertan In-laws.

Mr. Wonderful and I decided that for Christmas this year, Sweet Pea will be getting her next car seat from us. She's almost out of her infant seat (gangly behemoth child that she is), and car seats aren't cheap . . . so there it is.

Yesterday I went to Toys R Us to procure this gift for the wee lass - and there were none available on the shelf. Sigh.
Given that I drive so far to get to this store, and because we had a gift card from Mr. W's magnificent friend for half the cost of the seat, I was unwilling to drive back and forth over and over in the hopes the seat would be in stock, and unwilling to pick it up at, say, Zellers. I asked a woman working if she could tell me when the seat would be back in stock. As it turns out, they were hiding them in the stock room. So we were able to check that off the list.

Monday, 1 December 2008

A little cuteness, and a request for help. There's a prize involved . . . .

First order of business: the cuteness.

I bought this skirt for Sweet Pea last week. Holy Crap! Look at it!!

Adorable, no?

Even more cute than that is this:

Still waiting for her teeth, but seemingly much more comfortable. There are 2 bumps in her lower gums, one much bigger than the other. I keep hoping every morning when I get her out of bed that they'll be in - but nothing yet.

She's getting much closer to a successful back to tummy roll, but still not quite there.

Now, my request for help:
As you may know, I make bags. I was approached on Friday by the owner of my LYS and asked if I would supply her store with one of my bag 'models'. We ironed out details, and it was a go. The bag 'model' in question is this one:

A small portable project bag. Snap strap to go on a belt loop or purse string. Fits a yarn cake in the bottom, and a set of dpns quite nicely. Here's the thing - I need a name for this bag 'model'. Something snappy and fun and such. Leave your suggestion via comment. Leave as many as you want. I'll pick my favourite one, and the person who suggested it will win a fabulous prize! You decide between a bag of your own, or some yarn of my choosing. And in case you're a reader who doesn't knit, we'll figure something out. Contest is open until December 10!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The things we do for . . . photos?

When it comes to photography, I've found that 'Just Keep Shooting' works best when your subject is a baby or child.
To illustrate:

You get a lot of this

(which is cute, yes, but not adorable) before you end up with this

Remember our weekly growth photos? Well, those are particularly aggravating to catch.

She has to show me how far up she can lift her feet (far!)

Then we practice rolling for a bit

After fixing the blanket and re-positioning the baby, she lifts her feet again before I can grab the photo. Eventually enough is enough, and you just wind up with the best of the pics.

Still not perfect, but meh. Good enough.
Good gravy, she's getting big.

So big in fact, that we have to get her a new car seat really, really soon. We've decided on the True fit, which is an insane piece of technology. Not unreasonably priced, not pretty at all, and it will hold her in a 5 point harness until she's 65 pounds. That's 25 pounds beyond most car seats! I wanted to get her the 'Bella' which is really pretty -- until I read up on the True Fit. Sometimes you sacrifice - and in the face of my daughter's safety, I'd give up pretty any time.
So now we just have to procure said car seat. I'm hoping Toys R Us has them in stock.

This being home stuff works pretty well around the holiday season. I've got most of our Christmas shopping done already. Minimal muss and fuss, avoiding insanely long lines. It's pretty nice, for a change.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Full, Eventful, but not exciting to write about.

It's been one of those weeks. You know the ones. Where you're busy, busy, busy, but nothing really happens? One of those.
I got all the Christmas shopping for other people's kids done. I did things with friends (always a good thing, don't get me wrong. But my friends are not blog fodder). I knitted.

I read a blog that stated "people going through break ups are boring." People going through break ups, and people with babies.

So here's more on Sweet Pea!
She's really working on cutting a few teeth. Poor little girl is so miserable! Anbesol and Tylenol are our friends.
"I don't KNOW when the teeth are comin' momma, but I wish they'd hurry up too!"

Sweet Pea's version of a milk mustache.

She's still working on perfecting her tummy to back roll, which is really frustrating to her. She's discovered her feet and likes to catch them. I don't think she knows they're attached yet.

She wore ruffles on her bum!
She got a toy from the Netherlands.

And decided sippy cups are good for chewing on.

Today she's a grumpy little monster.
Ah, my glamorous life! Poop, spit-up, laundry, and hair pulling.