Friday, 28 December 2007

Harpy Holidaze

Pics would be nice, wouldn't they? Well Too Bad! I don't have any!

I'm all tuckered out after a week of non-stop running. Why do they call them holidays? They don't feel like a holiday! They feel like running around to please everyone else! We've been booked solid from last Sunday on . . . and tomorrow? . . . another gathering. Cripes.

Christmas was nice. I can't really complain. Well . . except that brother's wife was a real pain in the ass, all grumpy and whatnot. And as for Mr. Wonderful's family, I just want everyone to tend their OWN children! (Cross my fingers I don't turn into a hypocrite in exactly one year). Gifts were exchanged, merriment was made, etc. It was pleasant.

My mother paid me a very big compliment -- although not to me, and not in a way she thought I would hear either. She told my brother that she doesn't care for handmade gifts, except from me - because my workmanship is always so good. She said I'm the only one she knows who can do a better job than her. Dude, that's HUGE.

And in pregnancy news: Sprout is doing well, with no neural tube defects. (S)he is absolutely charming on ultrasound, and has very cute knees.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

What's this? Am I back?

And for how long??

Last weekend, I lost my hat and gloves. Sadly, they disappeared one day at work. Let me tell you, that made for a chilly walk to the car!

So I went to my favourite LYS and bought myself some yummy Sublime - a sumptuous blend of fine merino, silk, and cashmere. I cast on for Odessa - I had to get more yarn, but I now have an absolutely wonderful toque. Mmmmmm . . .
Funny thing is, in the midst of knitting Odessa, my old hat and gloves reappeared - in my coat pocket - in the middle of the mall. Freaky, no? I can firmly attest that they were not there one minute (as I left the house) and then suddenly, they were! Bizarre.

But, I digress. The moral of the story? Since last weekend, I have been KNITTING! Yay!!! I have made my hat, and I have started on baby bunny slippers. I know 3 pregnant women right now, and all new babies need cute little bunny slippers ;)
I'm so glad to be back at it!

I haven't yet crossed the 14 week mark - where the chance of miscarriage significantly drops - but I think I may start knitting up baby things regardless. My brother's baby will need a gift. Mr. Wonderful's friend's baby will need a gift. My own baby will need to be covered in gifts. You know how it is.

Monday, 3 December 2007

The first trimester: a cruel mistress.

Oh. Wow.

I did not anticipate this. I mean, if I had known, I would have adopted. I'm only now beginning to come out of the fog of fatigue that has essentially ruled my every waking moment for the past month. And there are still moments...I have to say, on the whole... this sucks. But I hear it's worth it.

Hopefully I'll be back full force soon!