Thursday, 11 September 2008

Oh Lordy

Well, it's done. Poor little thing, she HOWLED at the first prick. She howled through the second prick.

Per Lisa's suggested reading, I put her to the breast just as soon as I could afterward. She calmed considerably in moments, but she's still not very happy. The nurse said to expect a fussy, unhappy girl for the next 24 hours. Happily, she's sleeping right now. I'm not about to wake her up.

It's so silly. I feel like such a terrible person, like I betrayed her trust by letting someone cause her pain. I know it's necessary. I'd rather have her cry for a few minutes at a shot than have her stricken with some preventable disease like polio . . . but still. She cried. She cried because of 2 needles that I authorized. I feel terrible. But I'll get over it.


Lisa said...

You're a good mom and you did the right thing! She may be feeling a bit poorly right now but she's already forgotten the actual pain -- it'd take a lot more than that to break her trust in you!

Stickyfingers said...

Lisa, how do you always know just the right thing to say?

Trixie said...

luckily, babies don't know how to hold grudges. did they ask you to hold her down? isn't that the worst feeling in the world? my doctor suggested giving baby j tylenol 1 hour before the needles to help with the pain and to make him a little sleepy. not sure how you feel about medicating but it did seem to help baby j.

i remember when baby j was big enough to get his needles in his arms. it seemed so barbaric! his little arms! (enough though those little arms were bigger than his legs during the first couple rounds of needles :)