Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Lamby love!

Sweet Pea in her lamb towel.

I wanted to show you pics of Sweet Pea snuggling with her daddy - but I don't have his consent to share those photos. Too bad, they're pretty charming.

Yesterday I finished the raspberry Pea Pod. It's all seamed and lovely. It just needs buttons, and I'm not rushing it. I'll find the right ones for it in time, I'm sure. Sweet Pea won't fit it for quite a while yet anyway.

Now I really have to settle in to work on mom's birthday sweater. The back is completed. Half of one front is completed. You'd think it wouldn't be such an issue to finish it, but I'm seriously dragging my butt. Partly because I hate working from patterns in books. What a pain!
I am really looking forward to having it finished and presented, so I can get it off my needles, off my couch, and just be done with it! I'm hoping mom will like it, but I'm waffling on whether she will or not - and that makes the knitting harder.

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