Monday, 22 September 2008

Knitting for . . someone else??

I recently learned that a certain online acquaintance of mine was expecting. I won't say who - she said she's not sharing the news freely.

So I knit her upcoming offspring some booties.

See the problem? Two left booties. So I made a third bootie. It was a right one. Phew. Then I put buttons on both sides just in case the right bootie goes missing. That way it's not so obvious that the little one is wearing two left booties.

FYI - the colour is true in the second photo.

Lacey baby booties.

Ravelry Link. And they aren't actually lacey. There are some problems with the pattern, but use your head and you'll get there. Oh, and keep count properly and you won't get 2 left shoes.

But then I got ambushed by another pattern. The Inca-dincadoo Cardigan.

Ravelry Link. Very cute. I had intended to make it for Sweet Pea prior to her arrival, but I forgot. Now, she wouldn't fit it. So I made it for my anonymous pal instead. True, it may be a pain in the ass - I made it from Lamb's Pride which will felt like a son of a bitch . . but perhaps she'd like it felted! I resisted the strong desire to felt it myself just in case . . . you never know what someone else's preference will be. Maybe she'll WANT to handwash it. Maybe she hates felted items! Maybe she loves garter stitch beyond reason. Maybe it's off-white and a little spit up will hardly show anyway. ;)

Both projects were started and finished within just a few hours of knitting time. Hard to complain about that, eh? And both were stash-diving excercises as well. All around win, I think.

Anywho, it's all packaged, sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for the next cash infusion to arrive before I send it off. Hope she likes it!

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