Sunday, 24 February 2008

What a relief!

Today, I was perusing my usual blogs, getting caught up. I went to Jesh's blog. See it there, on the right? You should visit her! In her blog, Jesh mentioned wanting to knit more grown up sweaters, but having no opportunity to do so.

So I made a proposal. See this image?? Bye Bye Jane, you evil bitch!

Really Jane wasn't that bad to work away on, HOWEVER, her sleeves are very narrow, and her st st is very dull, and her construction eludes me. I hope Jesh loves her!

The yarn is gorgeous, but I just couldn't find any other pattern that would work for my size and the amount of yarn in the kit. Sigh.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

My finest WIP

I took some photos for your enjoyment today . . . And because I really wanted to share!

Everyone, meet the Monkey -- aka Sprout. This is a picture of a print out, so it's not perfect, but you get the idea!

We had our big ultrasound yesterday. It took over an hour -- not because it needed to. When I arrived, I was taken into the dark and stuffy room by a student, who started the ultrasound. Apparently she was very new to this. It took a long, long time, and was very uncomfortable. Her instructor finished the job, and showed Mr. Wonderful and I parts of our baby that we will probably never see again. We had a really cool/creepy view of a head-on skull, and we could even see eyeballs moving around. We saw really defined vertebrae, and ribs, and fingers, and toes. We saw the stomach, and bladder. We saw the sole of the foot, which was absolutely adorable.
We asked if the sex could be determined . . . it turns out our baby is either A) very modest, B) very stubborn, C) a big fat joker. The little knees were clenched together, so the tech couldn't get a clear view, but the legs were up against the chest -- so we got an 'under view' of baby's nether bits . . . Four little straight lines. We all agreed that it looked like our baby has labia. Current best guess -- we're having a girl! This is very much a guess, but I completely lost my head and told a bunch of people yesterday.

This is what Sprout looks like from the outside. Yup, gettin' big! Only gonna get bigger!
Now that the cold of doomy hell is clearing up a bit, I'm really enjoying being pregnant. Especially since I can feel more going on in there, and things are really becoming . . . Real. I'm going to have a baby! I can hardly believe it! I can hardly wait to meet her!

Monday, 18 February 2008


So I still have the flu-cold from hell. At least it's mostly a cold now, but going on 2 weeks of this bullshit, I'm pretty over it. I'd like it to be done now.
You know how you're a social pariah when you have a cold? Yeah, I sure do. I'm tired of being cold-shouldered. I'm tired of not sleeping because I can't breathe. I'm tired of going through box after box of tissues.

Arabesque blanket is being cast off! Yes, that's right, it's that close to finished. I'm not 100% happy with the bind off on one edge, but I've also re-done it 3 times and the yarn is looking a little worse for wear.

Mermaid gloves (which I still don't/won't admit to) - one is completely finished, the other has just had a cuff completed.

Chocolate Jacket: What is it about the texture of that yarn that turns my stomach??

Is kicking more, and making me more uncomfortable. I have to get a new belly pic up soon! This will be a busy baby week - Hospital registration on Thursday, ultrasound on Friday, and then next Tuesday another prenatal visit. I can't believe how fast it's going by.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Mostly dead is still slightly alive.

Yeah, I'm here . . . in a sense.
Thursday I came down with a wicked bad flu, which has me sleeping 16 - 20 hours a day, and running a scary high temperature. So now we're worried for our little sprout, who is hopefully not a cooked sprout. The very best part of the whole ordeal? It's not over yet. Longest illness ever. Never have I been so completely miserable for such a long, long time.
Mr. Wonderful had the same plague last week - he's still not 100%. Apparently this year's strain is not the one they vaccinated for, so I don't want any lectures, alright??


I admit to nothing.

I will say however, that Cookie is a sadist! This pattern is so hard on my hands and wrists! It is beautiful, mind you.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Honesty is a virtue, right?

Well, I realized I haven't been 100% honest. I have 9 things on the needles now. That includes 2 little things I found languishing among the mess that is my work space. I have a tenth thing that isn't quite finished. Also, I haven't really frogged my anemois. And I'm planning on hitting the LYS for yarn by the weekend. I know. I'm terrible.

I feel like not all of this is going to get done. There is just so much, and so much I've lost interest in. I know life is too short to spend it knitting drudgery projects, but I've already come so far on them! I can't frog all that lace! Or the horrendous blue thing! And I don't want to frog the baby stuff!

I need a knitting fairy.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Progress! Already!

Well, my decision has been working out thus far!
Tuesday I finished the skully scarf. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.
The Chocolate jacket has 2 completed sleeves now. I cast on for one side front, but didn't get any farther yet.
Baby's blanket is getting close, with 5.5 out of 7 completed lacy stars, and then the garter border to do.
I haven't even touched frost flowers, or the other scarf since last week. I'm trying to focus on that which I can finish up/that which I committed to last week.

However, I do have a slight 'problem'. I'm experiencing cast on fever, driven by my Ravelry queue, and the BIG SALE at my LYS. I certainly don't want to buy any yarn for things that I'm not going to be working on right away . . . but it's a sale!! There are worse problems to have I'm sure.