Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Today is Wednesday. That means tomorrow is Thursday and Sweet Pea's first round of immunizations. I'm really not looking forward to it. In fact, to say I'm dreading it would not be a stretch at all. Poor little girl, she's up for a rough week. Last night was the first meeting of the KW Knitter's Guild - she was so over-stimulated after being loved on by so many people she couldn't get herself settled and to sleep until 1:45 am. Tomorrow she'll get shots. Saturday she's coming to the KW Knitter's Fair in the morning (and early afternoon), and then we're off to Mr. Wonderful's birthday party with his friends in his hometown for the evening. Sunday is her cousin's baptism. She'll be so wound up by Monday . . . poor thing. She's going to need a sensory deprivation chamber or something!

In the meantime though . . .
Some photos to share!Best self-portrait ever!

Gettin' awful big!!
This is what I see when Sweet Pea nurses. How's that for angelic and peaceful?

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Lisa said...

Gorgeous pics (and love the sunset sweater)!

Hey, did you hear that nursing helps babies handle pain?

Now the study was done on newborns, but maybe it would still help if the doctor will let you nurse her while she's getting her shots... assuming you're willing to suffer her reaction? (Could be ouchy for you!) Maybe bring this article with you in case the doc looks at you funny? (Sorry if this is a kooky idea, obviously I'm not a mom!)