Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Godamn I'm Crafty!

There's an awful lot brewing here! Prepare for photos!!

First off, I finished Sprout's diaper bag -- and I think I can safely say I've never been more pleased with something I created.

It has spiffy bowling bag styling, with an external cell phone pocket, and key clip. My favourite feature is the Mommy pocket -- a full wallet/purse combo so I won't have to carry a zillion bags with me!
The inside jumbo pocket features bottle locations, if needed, a reinforced pocket, 2 medium pockets, and a pacifier pocket with emergency info spot. And all in cheery coordinating fabrics. I loved them so much, I'm using the polka dots in the Nursery as my inspiration fabric.
There's another large pocket down the other side of the bag, but it's not much to look at. Meh.

Anyway, it's done and I'm thrilled! And all without a pattern! I did a fair bit of reading on what makes a great diaper bag, and I'm pretty convinced this one will rock my socks.

Moving on:
On the knitting front, I'm currently working on Mom's Birthday Sweater, which is actually Tailored Scallops from Lace Style. I've finished the whole back, and I'm working on the fronts now. Because the yarn and needles are so big, I'm pretty sure if really set my mind to it, I could finish this sweater in 2 weeks. I hope she loves it.

Next up, my at work knitting up until today has been the Eyelet Chemise. Now, this IS linen, so it will need some washing and blocking in order for me to be happy with it, but here it is:
It's only supposed to be 6 inches of this lacy rib, but I think I'll make it longer. I'm planning on having it for immediately post-birth visitors. I think I'll want to have my belly covered.

And finally in knitting, I have started a pretty cute little sweater. Green Zebra was found on Ravelry, and when I fell in love with it, it hadn't been written yet. Well, I harassed the designer until she finally gave in and made it available ;)
Well, I told her I was so excited I would cast on right away -- but then tragedy!! As you know if you read the blog, my LYS is now closed and gone. The closest other LYS is an hour's drive away. I intended to go purchase yarn on Saturday at this distant location. Alas, the store was closed for the Knitter's Frolic in Toronto. No yarn immediately for me. On Tuesday I went to Michaels. Being a complete yarn snob, I felt dirty just standing in their yarn section, but I did find an acceptable yarn - Cotton Ease. I was totally put off by the acrylic content (50%), but my need to knit this sweater was so great that I swallowed hard, bought the yarn, and cast on this morning! Here's my progress at this point:Cute, isn't it? I like the colours together, and it's a super enjoyable knit thus far. Of course, I'm not to the sleeves or yoke yet . . . but I anticipate complete delight the whole way.
And the yarn? I'm slightly embarrassed to say the yarn has won me over. I'm planning Zebra 2 for the remnant yarn already.

So now we've seen sewing, and knitting, how's THIS for a change in pace --
Tried my hand at a little crochet. Cute flower, eh? It's not the whole pattern, because my crochet skillz are certainly lacking, but I'm sure it will be cute on SOMETHING!

And while we're marveling at my craftiness, let me show you these adorable newborn kimonos I made:

Friday, 25 April 2008

So. Very. Tired.

Tonight, after work, I made a bee line for Babies R Us. It took a really long time, but I now have a little registry for baby stuff there! YAY! Now Sprout can maybe get stuff (s)he needs as gifts -- instead of all these clothes and things. Well, we'll need clothes for Sprout too . . . but there's a big ole tub o' hand-me-downs at MIL's house to cover that need.

Then I went bra shopping - always a good time. I bought my first nursing bra. Even though nursing may not work, even though I'm told my boobs will be MASSIVE when baby arrives, I bought a nursing bra. Why? Because. Because a few weeks after baby arrives, apparently my boobs will return to their current size. Now I'll be prepared. That, and it's a comfy bra.

THEN I went to Swiss Chalet and bought myself some dinner. The whole thing took three hours. In my pre-Sprout state, wouldn't have been a problem. In my current state, I'm wiped!

At least I feel that I was productive, so good on me!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

29 Weeks

Seems that we've reached the thick of the third trimester. 10 weeks or so to go until Sprout is ready for delivery, Braxton Hicks contractions, weird pains, intense indigestion. Oh yeah, this is great. I see why so many women say pregnancy was one of the best experiences of their lives. I just wish the cramps would go away! The thing I was most looking forward to in pregnancy was 1) the baby at the end of it all, and 2) Not having to deal with menstrual cramps for 9 months +. Lucky me, I get them twice a week now! My OB says it's normal. Fabulous.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Dangerous Ground . . .

. . .I'm back up to THREE active wips . . . oops.

I still have the Cardi for Merry on the go, but I finished the st st sections thanks to a dreadfully dull day at work (got BOTH sleeves finished!) -- and the cable I've found requires my attention, lest I cross a row that is not meant to cross, and then have to rip back, and all that related stress. To be fair, I only have the left front, the hood, and the underarm seams left to go. If I'm not busy, I can finish it probably over next week.

So I cast on for mom's birthday sweater. And it's fine 'knitting in front of the TV' knitting . . .

. . . but then I needed some new at work, mindless st st knitting . . . so I cast on for Leg Warmies. It's not like it's a huge commitment or anything, and it's nice to have fresh work on the needles
- but the whole point was to clear things up! Not to amass new work!

I guess I should be glad it's three new things, and not the nine I started with.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Finished, and some other things.

So . . I finished the (dreaded) Chocolate Jacket -- think I neglected to mention it here, and I know I didn't post any photos. But it's DONE! I wore it yesterday for the Maple Syrup Festival - but it was really hot, and I wound up taking off pretty quickly.
I was really glad I went ahead and made the collar according to the pattern -- with some encouragement from a friend -- even though I was deadly sick of the thing and just wanted it off the needles!Why do pictures always look so terrible on blogger?
For now, it's being held shut with a shawl pin, until I can find the perfect buttons. It looks really great on - but sadly, I have no one to photograph it on for me.

Next up, Dangly is done too! Well, he needs some eyeballs, but that's quick and painless.

So now Cardigan for Merry is my full-time knitting. I do the simple stuff at work, and the complex stuff at home.

I just want to say, if you have a baby or a little one in your life, or coming up soon -- make this sweater! It's absolutely friggin' gorgeous!! The pattern takes some interpretation, I have found, but it has been so worth it thus far!

Now I only have one thing active and on the go -- it's a little strange for me. I can cast on mom's birthday sweater whenever I'm ready, but right now, I have some non-knitting I'm working on too:
Sprout's diaper bag!
I looked at the commercially available bags and thought 'for $50 - $200, I can do WAY better.' I love these fabrics and the way they all go together. In fact, the colours are my current inspiration for the nursery. I just have to get Mr. Wonderful on board.

Thursday, 3 April 2008


I'm positively aching to cast on something new! Now that I only have 2 WIPs that are in action (the lace I've decided to ignore) it just seems there's nothing to work on.

I want to cast on so badly, that today I went and bought the required needle for Tailored Scallops
and then I got home, and remembered that my Cardigan for Merry should be the only thing on the go, aside from Mr. Dangly, my seriously portable WIP.


I could finish Dangly in a matter of hours. More justly, an hour. But then what would I take to waiting rooms? What would I work on whilst visiting? And since he is out of the house knitting only, does that really count as a WIP? Is this worth agonizing over . . really?? Probably, I should just finish Dangly and be done with it. Then I could cast on something new. Maybe I'll do that. Really, he's kind of fiddly for waiting rooms anyway - and I have my stuffing here, not at the Dr's office . . .