Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Free to breathe again!

Well, the wedding is over - went off fairly well. It was strange, but it's done now. Thankfully.

In fact, the August madness is over now!
Now we head into the September madness. And then the busiest month of the year for Mr. Wonderful and I -- October.

But we have a lot of catching up to do here!

Knitting Roadtrip!
In the midst of the August madness, Jen and I went to Toronto for some shopping. Yarn shopping! And while she bought (seemingly) one of everything in every store, I found a lot less to love.
I did, however, purchase a drop spindle and some lovely silk/merino roving.
And then some merino roving. And some more pink yarn. And a delicious angora/silk blend. It was white, but then I dyed it.
All in all, the trip was a roaring success, and we definitely plan to do it again. I hope we plan to do it again soon.

The Shower:
Well, a bunch of people showed up who hadn't RSVP'd, so that effed things up a bit. But it went well, all things considered. Mom was highly offended that no one spent all their time fawning over her.

The interim week:
Pure. Madness. Emergency training sessions cropped up at work, so I had to cancel the day I had booked off to catch my breath pre-wedding. I took Thursday and Friday off, though, and did this:

How cool exactly is that? I mean really?? It rocks my socks. Mr. Wonderful even thinks it's cool.

I don't think I'll do the suggested repeated skulls, just one on either end.

And on Saturday, I cast on for this:

Yep, that's right . . . Clapotis.

And the yarn is the Angora/silk blend with my crazy dye job. I think it's destined for over-dying after knitting.

And then we were off to the wedding.

The Wedding:
Cripes . . . where to begin?
Most disorganized affair ever. Guests didn't know where to go or what to do, bride went MIA, stuff and people milling about, DJ up and left . . . yikes.
Let's begin at the beginning. 11am. Mr. Wonderful and I are showered and dressing, thinking we're doing great and will be super-omega early. Wedding at 3, ETA: 1:30 or 2.
The phone rings.
Brother: PANIC
Me: Calm down
Brother: PANIC
Me: slightly less calm
Brother: PANIC
Me: Alright, alright!!
We leave. We drive really fast because we are apparently about to hit a huge traffic snag. No such snag was ever encountered, however a speed trap was. We got a ticket. Damn. It.
We arrive chez Brother at 1:45ish. We get the pertinent info, and then head to the yacht club for the wedding. And let me just say YACHT CLUB MY ASS!! That was a marina with a shitty motel. Period.
Where is the bride? No one knows. But, as I'm supposed to be seating people I need to know what the hell is going on. No one can tell me. I seethe. I get uncomfortable. I find my parents room. Inside, my parents are far more relaxed and groovy than they should be. Mom is in the bath. Dad is in shorts and a t-shirt. 10 minutes to wedding. I flash back to my wedding day, when they made me late. Mom complains of being dizzy. It's always about her.
People are seated, weird-ass ceremony begins.
LONG time later, guests are still sitting, but now it's raining. Outdoor weddings, eh?
Kiss, wedding is over, thank god . . . now the pics, and then a LONG wait until reception. Hang out in parents room again. Mr. Wonderful goes for coffee -- and comes back about 45 minutes later. He took my knitting bag with him.
Reception: the MC thing went well. I drank a little. 10:00, we go home.
We hit a raccoon on the way home. Yuck.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Oh Dear God!

Has it really been a week!? I'm losing my mind!

There is so much going on . . . The shower, Yarn hop, and clothing shopping all has to happen this weekend.

This week has been really busy. On Wednesday, I thought it was Tuesday, or maybe even Monday. Wishful thinking. Time is flying by . . .
I got my downstream SP's package packaged, and into the post. I did a lot of administrating for the shower - games planned, prizes picked, gift purchased and wrapped. I did some thinking about it, and I'm excited to get it done! Then there's just the wedding left!
I planned out our yarn hop route -- I can't even wait! At this time tomorrow I'll be wallowing in awe inspiring yarn. Sigh.
I have to buy something to wear to the shower yet . . . I'm thinking just a pair of nice black pants, which I can pair with my "I feel like Ten Thousand Bucks!" shirt, and some black shoes. I'm hoping I can work that in tomorrow, during or after the yarn hop. I also need to acquire something to wear to the wedding.

My brother finally sent me the reading for his wedding ceremony. It's from the bible. I take offense. I am not even slightly religious. Alas, it's HIS wedding. Groan.
The other MC for the reception is being completely silent. Like, completely. I'm worried. Preparation is key . . . I want it to go well.

I booked next Wednesday off. I just need a minute to catch my breath!

Friday, 10 August 2007

Busting out of a slump?

So yesterday, I had a meeting at work, 2 hours after my shift finished. How to kill 2 hours?
Well, I have to find a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, so I went shopping. Now, dress shopping is not the best way to break out of a foul mood. HOWEVER, right across the hall from the clothing store in the mall, there is a yarn store. (How telling is it that I always typo yarn to be yearn?)

And that yarn store is having a sale!

Now, I wouldn't say it immediately lifted my spirits, but I will say this:

Destined for an illusion scarf.

If I have time, I'm going back for some needles. Who can resist Latern Moons on sale??

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

In a slump

Life is getting me down, y'know?
There's way too much on my plate, the weather sucks, and we lack A/C. Even my knitting refuses to co-operate with me lately -- and I can always count on my knitting!

Projects that are stalled and pretty much forgotten:

Leda's Dream, and my toe up sock. Why? Because I can't figure out short row heels. I printed off a recommended pattern, but it has been misplaced.

Project that is just killing me:
Swan Lake stole, formerly MS3. It's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but this whole thing has been an uphill battle.

Now the short rows are calling mutiny and I think it needs a time out.

End of my rope events:

My brother is getting married for the third time in 3 weeks. He has asked me to distribute programs, do a reading, and MC his reception. I have also been volun-told to throw the bride a shower - decided about a week ago. Fifteen invites, one week of planning, 2 weeks to the shower date. I'm hoping no one can come.
I was also asked to do his engagement portraits. I said no. Take advantage much? Seriously.
And the kicker is, he's the older one. You think he'd realize he's impinging on my goodwill.

Work is also tipping me closer and closer to the edge. I got a new job at work. I'm a temporary trainer for the next three months. It's good experience, I guess . . . but it means I have a very up in the air schedule. I don't know, for example, what I'm training, or what shifts I'm working this week, even.

But amongst all this aggravation and despondency, there is a light. . . called Knitty SP!
I got a package from my silent and sneaky pal!
Here you can see a lovely breakfast tea (it really is a wonderful tea), some coffee - sadly, pre-ground, so likely to be fine . . . I'm hoping we can use it, regardless. A really cool tea for one pot - the top is a tea pot, and the bottom is the tea cup! And some yarn.

Want to see more of the yarn? Okay.

Closer? You got it.

Lookit those yummy candy colours! Mmmmmmm . . . .