Thursday, 29 October 2009

In which I make a second and third Waldorf doll

It's been doll-making Grand Central Station around here lately. A few weeks ago, a number of boxes, envelopes and bags made their way to our home, all looking suspiciously alike. Inside the packages, variants of this:The anatomy of a Waldorf doll. A volume of fleece, a square of cotton, some string, mohair. And it was my responsibility to make this bag of nondescript stuff into something really magical. And I think I pulled it off. Twice.

D's baby:

I positively adore this face! I couldn't have planned it better, and I hope my future dolls are as charming.
She waited for a while to have her hair and arms attached . . .

. . . and I do believe it was worth the wait!

After another wait, I got her outfit complete.

Now all that remains to be done is a decent photo shoot, and she may go to her new home. I hear she will be a Christmas gift for little D.

Mac's baby-
Definitely not as many photos, I'm not in love with Mac's baby. Her momma coughed up for a pre-made head and pre-sewn body. This gave me considerably less control over the creative process. I'm a little hesitant to even put my name on this one, but she came out reasonably well.

And I admit to being completely blown away by her amazing hair!!

Now she needs some clothes, a photo shoot and then she may go home as well!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Omg, I suck.

I've been so ridiculously busy. If I can't do it in front of the tv, with my hands full . . . . it's not getting done. And that means blogging. AND reading blogs! I just did 2 weeks worth of catching up.

On the go:

Two Waldorf dolls. One is done, but needs clothes. One has a head, stuffed arms and legs, and needs the rest done.
Another kit is (I suspect) waiting at the post office for pick up.
Another kit is waiting at my mom's house for pick up. It will queue up behind the other dolls who all have little people waiting for them.
I hope to get some pics and share them soon. Sadly, it's always dark when I'm home - doesn't make for great photos.

2 Wee girl knits. This one:

is killing me. It's been ongoing for far too long. I started sleeves today. It had better be done soon. Otherwise, she will never fit it.

The blue dress is definitely parked for the time being. I seriously have no time, and it's for summers yet to come anyway.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

It's definitely here.

Sweater weather!

I've discovered something, though . . . wearing a number of sweaters for the first time in months and months . . . lots of them have holes in them. I don't suspect moths. I suspect my careless treatment. I'll have to fix a few of them before they will be deemed worthy of wearing again.

Some random things I've been meaning to share:
1) The charm of living in a small town/farming community:

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. This giant tractor was going faster than I was. The only time it slowed down was when it had to pass a horse and buggy. It was, however, driving right through town. Interesting choice.

2) Sweet Pea's Kryptonite - the car seat. A few instances.
a) Sometimes, you just have to bite a duck.

b) Some moments are just too precious to miss.

3) Upcoming:
a)All 5 Waldorf doll spots are filled, plus one. I'm really looking forward to getting the kits and getting started! Photos are sure to be posted, and I'm really really considering getting into selling the dolls if I'm not sick of them after making 7.
b) Knitting content!
I have 3 WIPs right now. One could be finished in the space of about 30 minutes, if I would just pick it up and work on it.
All it really needs is a thumb, and it's a baby mitten . . . so why don't I finish it already??!! Because I lost the other mitten. Sigh. If you see a lost dark brown mitten wandering the streets, send it home.

Next WIP:It will be a dress for Sweet Pea when it grows up. Hopefully it will fit her next summer. I'm really not in a rush to get it done right away. Amazing colour though, right? It's a new one. The yarn is Hempathy, which I have used before and am enjoying working with. Sadly, I have poked the pointy bit of my needle through the side of my finger one time too many this week, so the dress is on a small time out until I'm ready to go at it again.

And finally, This one is a bit of a rush as the top size is slated to fit Sweet Pea, and she is a growing monkey. Definitely had a bit of a bumpy start here. First, I picked up the wrong needle size, but didn't realize until most of the yoke was done since I didn't have a tape measure on hand. Then I went back to the LYS (not a short trip) and got the recommended needle size. I swatched. The needle was too big. So I cast on with a (very) short needle I already had - gauge is close enough, but making a sweater on a short needle is a little irritating, to say the least.