Thursday, 17 February 2011

See? Told ya.


And just because I can . . . here are 2 images of my baby boy that make me melt inside.



Saturday, 12 February 2011

A post about knitting. Yes, Knitting!

Remember back in the good old days? I'm talking 3, maybe even 4 years ago -- before I had kids? Oh yeah, ancient history. Well, back in those days this was a knitting blog. No dolls, no parenting, no adorable babies ... just knitting. And yarn. Yummy yarn. Well today I'm going back to my roots.

Fisherman Fred:


Made for Shall We Knit? as a store sample. I really enjoyed this knit. Quick, straight forward, but not dull. In reviewing knits for baby boys (and indeed grown-ass boys as well) I see a plethora of stripes worked in boring stockinette. The purl ridge chevron pattern seen here keeps things interesting without being overwhelming. The yarn I was given to work with was heavenly. Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK. Don't know how it will wear, but it was lovely to work with.

Textured Rufus Cardi:

This one is almost done -- you'll see it on Boober soon. Just working on the button bands now. This one is from a book called Vintage Baby Knits. I really do love most of the patterns in this book - they're lovely. The author seems to be a pretty great woman as well - answers questions without being a douche, etc. There is a definite difference in the way her mind and my mind work. Understanding the way some of the instructions are phrased can take several readings and sometimes I have to sketch out a diagram or two. That said, I have made 3 of the designs from this book and have definitely not been disappointed in the least.
I see a great deal of criticism for this particular pattern on Ravelry. Why so much seaming? Why so many pieces? Easy. 1) seams provide structure. Bones, if you will. 2) the button bands are worked on smaller needles in a different stitch pattern. Working them at the same time is just asking for puckers and pulling. Take the time, do the seaming ... you won't regret it.
I'm using some Sublime Soya Cotton from my stash for this one. I can say from experience that the yarn washes and dries beautifully by machine, wears like nobody's business, and has fabulous drape. It's the perfect yarn for textured garments.

And now this:

What? There's a sweater in there!!