Thursday, 25 September 2008

Groan . . . she's getting so big!

Here she is last week:
And here she is this week:

Who authorised this? Who said she could grow so darned quickly??

Of course I would be beside myself if she wasn't growing, and it is a bit of a point of pride that she's growing so fast -- but it's really going too fast!

In sweater news, I realised that mom's birthday is in 4.5 weeks. Well, roughly. So if I can knit a piece of sweater a week, and seam it in the remaining days, I'll be golden. I picked it up again today and set to it . . . only to suffer a set-back that wouldn't have been an issue at all if I hadn't shelved the sweater in favour of more attractive (Read: tiny) projects. I forgot there was errata. I became entagled in this lack of remembering. I now need to pull back 6 rows. Or ladder down. In any case. It just makes it more of a chore. If it weren't for a deadline, I'm not sure this sweater would even happen.
There are things in my queue that I'm just aching to cast on, but I have told myself that I may not until the sweater is done. And then, being a super procrastinator extraordinaire, I find other crafts to dabble in. Darned if I haven't started yet another quilt for Sweet Pea - yeah, cause she needs more blankets, right? Sadly, I think she does. This one will be uber cute.
Digging through my abandoned stuff box, I found 3 more quilts in various stages of almost done, 2 not even started yet, 2 cross stitch stockings, 2 dolls that need making up, 3 dresses . . . you get the idea, right? I wish I had never opened the box. In theory it could all be done quickly and simply enough - but I lack the drive to finish it all. The drive, and the time. Because frankly, I'd rather be knitting.

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