Saturday, 25 September 2010


Way, way busy over here - and loving it!
I'm considering applying for a guest artist spot for the December Stitch n' Kitsch, but then I'm not sure if I'm hard core enough to want to do a 7 hour craft show . . . no matter how awesome it appears to be.
See, the show is on December 4th - which is just 17 days before my due date. It's also about 2 months away from now. If I pull out all the stops, ignore my family and home life, and just make dolls for the next 2 months, I figure I could have about 20-30 to take with me. But then there's the whole 'who goes to a craft sale looking to spend $90 on a doll?' argument - would I even need that many? Can I handle the set up, take down and a full 7 hours of selling at 37 weeks pregnant? Am I crazy for even considering this?

As you can see, I am of 2 minds on this topic.

But I promised you a 15th doll. At least, the 15th in my mind -- I don't think cuddle beans count. (Maybe doll nuggets?)

Nutella 004

Nutella 003

This doll was custom ordered a long, long time ago - before anyone even knew she was going to a little girl. See, her momma was pregnant and looking forward to the arrival of her baby - but it was early and she didn't even know if her baby was a girl or a boy. Well, that baby is now a few months old, the final details were decided this week, and she's done! Ready to go home!
The momma in question is a spinner and will be making the hair for her little girl's doll herself. I love the face on this one - very friendly!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010



peanuts 001

Currently deciding on what they're called - Peanuts, cuddlebugs, cuddlebeans . . .

Monday, 20 September 2010

And now for something completely different!

These aren't done yet . . . but . . . .



That second one is very much in progress still. I'll post a pic when they're all done - but I'll be adding this design to the shop in the near future. I'm thinking $20/doll. Cute little dolls for infants and young toddlers.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

September so far.

I am so busy, and loving it!

Currently, I have 6 custom doll orders on the go (YAY!) and knitting to be done for the gestating boy. Then of course there's regular day-to-day life too.

So far, gestating boy has 3 hand-knit itty sweaters for his enjoyment. Or for mine, you know . . . whatever. I still have to photograph them. He has a hat. I think that's it for hand-knits. There are a bunch in the queue, and I even have the yarn for most of them - but I am definitely starting to slow down. The ones I really wanted to make, I've made.

I finished doll #14 - a Princess. When our son arrives, he's bringing a special gift for Sweet Pea -- and here it is:

princess 007

I'm remarkably pleased with how she turned out. Her clothing isn't even close to natural materials, but I figure she's for our family - who cares?! I just love everything about this doll, and I don't mind keeping her around at all.

We've been harvesting little bits of things from our garden. Our tomatoes are delicious! Our green peppers are not. The weather here is cooling down, and the days are getting shorter. I think autumn has arrived.