Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Catching up

Because somehow I have managed to skip over an awful lot of living, it's time to catch up here and now.

Let's see. I did the Making Friends giveaway and sent off a rainbow girl to the US. Then Sweet Pea had her birthday. This year, her real birthday fell on a Wednesday. In the morning, when she got up my three year old found three helium balloons floating in the hallway for her. The balloons were a source of much amusement for both my wee kids.


She got a gift from Boober


And watched Toy Story 1 & 2 with her dad who took the day off work to spend with his princess.

We had planned to host her birthday party on the Saturday following Sweet Pea's birthday, but her Uncle decided to get married that day. He gave us three whole weeks notice. In case you're wondering, no his bride was not pregnant, and the reception was quite beautiful. In fact, I'm slightly jealous - and that's significant since I loved my wedding so very much. Sweet Pea went home with her cousins for a sleep over, which enabled us to get her party all prepped.
I was not aware that throwing a party for a three year old with a 7 month old (and all his needs) on my hip would be so complicated. I'm extremely grateful that our guests were so flexible and accommodating.
I only got 2 photos of the party. I was too busy. It looked a lot like last years party - kiddie pool, smiles, presents. The gifts are getting more complex as the child gets older . . . now I get to clean up PlayDoh 3 times a day. She's so happy though. How can I complain?

I finally finished knitting my socks!


I made another rainbow doll. She sold in 2 days. (Score!)

Knitted a bear, and made a simple rag doll to go with it.


This will be a birthday gift for a little girl I know.

Oh, and Sweet Pea got a scooter. She loves it. Beyond reason.


In Boober news: he's crawling like a pro, pulling up on everything, even doing a little cruising. Drooling like crazy, but still no teeth. I'm sure this child has a death wish - if you put out 20 toys, 1 piece of barbed wire, and 1 choking hazard you would be sure to find him with barbed wire in his little hands and the choking hazard in his mouth. Best of all, he'll scream his face off when you take them away.

I do believe that catches us up!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nursing the distracted nurser.

Boober's stream of conciousness:
I'm hungry! Oh good, boobies. Ah, that's good milk, yum yum yum. Hey, that looks like fun. ::pop:: is it more fun than boobies? ... nope. ::latch:: Milk, milk, milk. I love milk. Hey, what is Sweet Pea doing? ::Turns to look, yanking nipple:: What's mommy's problem? Yeesh! ... Boobs! ::latch:: Milk is good, but there is something better. Food! Food is better because you can smear it in your hair and eyebrows, and hide it in your ears and nostrils. Is there any food around? ::pop:: Nope, I don't see anything but this boob ::latch:: Oh milk. I do like milk. Hey what's that noise?! ::pop:: ::looks around:: I don't see anything . . . HEY! WHERE'D MY BOOB GO?! WAHHHHHHH!! WAHHHHHHH! ::latch:: Can you even believe that? Why would you put away the boob when I am clearly still using it? Cripes. Slurp, slurp. Sweet Pea has a neat toy. ::pop:: Oh, I remember that toy, I've seen it before . . . when you push the button . . . yup, when you push the button a song comes on. Oh right, boobs. ::latch:: Hey, this boob is making me sleepy. ::pop:: Maybe if I fuss a little it will keep me awake. Fuss. Yup, that's better. ::latch:: Oh no, sleepy again. ::pop:: fuss. ::latch:: Oh . . . man . . . zzzzzzz.

Friday, 1 July 2011


It's about my little wee baby. The itty bitty one who still wears size 3 months, albeit only in certain brands. The teeny, tiny, still looks brand new one.
I mentioned he crawls (and he's getting much better at it, btw). Just this week, he learned a whole new skill -- pulling himself up to standing. Boober is closing in on 7 months old (10 days from now), but he looks so darned little, it just seems too early. I'm tempted to knock him down, but he's so PROUD of himself that I can't bring myself to do it. His little chirp of happiness when he pulls it off makes me smile.

I got through the leg, heel turn, and gusset for my socks before I got drawn into making another doll. With the giveaway, I'm getting a lot of views and publicity, so I figured now would be a good time to . . . make more.