Tuesday, 28 April 2009


The conundrum that is.

I will make the Twinkle Cardi. I will let the mom-to-be know of it's existence. I will give her the option - long sleeve cardi, or little short sleeve one? Because, as it happens, I like the way the yarn is working up in this pattern.
That said, I effed the whole thing up this afternoon. I opted to put in buttonholes instead of the ginky ribbon thing. Yesterday, I worked a button hole. It's too far in. Sigh. Today while I stared at it, I decided to ladder back and fix it. Colossal error. I may have to frog back. I really don't want to.

Re: my love for this yarn - I will find some in a colour that rocks my world, and snatch it right up!! Then I will decide what to make from it. I think socks. I think this yarn could convince me to try socks again.

And, I realized today that while I promised good and not-so-good in yesterday's post, I left out the big closer.
Carried Away Bags.
The good: People like them! They're selling rather quickly - apparently they did well at the Knitter's Frolic on the weekend.
The not-so-good: they are selling fast enough that they are stressing me out!! I brought 16 to Shall We Knit? last week. I have 12 more cut out and ready to go . . well, actually 4 almost complete, and 6 cut out and waiting. I ran out of materials for the remaining 2. I have to deliver them in 2 days! This is actually also a 'good', because . . . well, it's success. And that's good!

It still freaks me out a little that people will buy something that I made. Seriously weird stuff. I mean, at first it felt like a bit of a lark. Sure, sure. Make some bags, sell them at the LYS! But now, now it's for reals. I didn't realize they were actually selling until I saw just how few were left in the store, and that brought it right around to 'real deal'. And it's AWESOME!

Monday, 27 April 2009

The good, and the not-so-good

So much to discuss.

Last weekend:
Family life and the end of winter makes for some really cool weekends!
Saturday had a touch of the awesomeness. The whole family ventured out into the warm and beautiful afternoon - went for breakfast at 2pm, just like before Sweet Pea's arrival, bought some cool stuff, played.
We bought Sweet Pea a bubble machine for toddlers. It's a crap tonne of fun! We played with it for a long, long time.
We also bought Mr. Wonderful an 18 foot dragon kite. It wasn't as much fun. Let me explain. Following Great Big Kite's purchase, we made a bee-line for the park. Sweet Pea had a go in the swings while Great Big Kite was being assembled. Turns out Great Big Kite had a manufacturing defect - so we could get it off the ground, but as soon as it started really flying, it would buckle and plummet to the ground. Shitty. We returned Great Big Kite on Sunday. However, on Saturday, as we were attempting to fly Great Big Kite, a HUGE gnarly storm blew in. It was really impressive. We felt the first drops and got into the car - but by the time we got home (a ten minute walk) we couldn't see out the windshield, the yard was covered in small lakes, my car (windows open, of course) had a pond in the driver's seat . . . and so on. Most importantly, our power was out. It stayed out into the evening.
With no power, we put Sweet Pea down for her nap, and then Mr. Wonderful and I tried to remember what we used to do before baby. After a while we gave up. He played games on his cell phone. I knitted.

That was the first knitting I've been able to do for a while. Sweet Pea is very mobile these days. She cruises, she rolls, scoots -- whatever it takes. She also likes to get into things. I am no longer an unstoppable knitting force.
Case in point: I started this sweater a month ago

I managed to finish Sweet Pea's Ruby red swing coat, which has been in progress for ages. Okay, since the end of February. Still.

Yarn: Sublime Yarns Extra Fine Merino Wool DK. Yummy. Seriously soft.
Pattern: Little Daisy Swing Coat by Sublime Yarns. Big fat pain in the butt. Why oh why is the construction of every Sublime baby sweater so convoluted? This one was in 8 pieces. Sigh.

I have been doing a little lace knitting in the evenings - my nupp-less lily of the valley stole is now 50% through the lacey body. It's only taken 10 months. No worries there though - there's no deadline. It's pressure and guilt-free knitting. The way all knitting should be.

Back to Saturday - following her nap, and with the power still out, Sweet Pea declined to eat any (cold, nasty) dinner, and instead occupied herself with turning out the contents of the diaper bag. A good time, apparently.
I wish I had been able to get a photo of her work in progress. At times, she was head and shoulders inside the bag, scooping things out.

I mentioned previously the bubble machine. Here it is:

That was Sunday morning's diversion. $12.93 - and absolutely worth it. Our girl loves it. Hell, WE love it.

Of course I'm leaving out a lot of details - this post is already insanely long. Suffice it to say it was a perfectly lovely weekend.

Currently, I have a conundrum. I bought this lovely yarn:

It was meant for the expected son of a friend of mine. The baby is due in August. The yarn is Casbah - 80% merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon. Scrummy, and indescribably soft. Also machine washable. By all accounts, the perfect yarn. Problem: I can't find a 3 month + pattern for the yardage. It's too warm a yarn for a newborn sweater in August . . . I think.
Question: should I just keep it and make something for me? I think I'm looking for absolution here. I'll make my friend's baby a mini short sleeve sweater like Sweet Pea had out of some yarn I have on hand already. Also cashmere, btw. Like this one, only blue and white.

On the flip side, I keep thinking the yarn was purchased for that baby - I should make a hat or something . . but a hat would only negatively impact the yardage for future projects . . . help me out!
I've already cast on the ,Twinkle Cardi (rav link) and knit some of it . . . but I keep waffling.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Big Swimming Lesson!

Today was a Big Deal swimming lesson!! Sweet Pea dunked -- all the way under the water!! No spluttering, no choking, no crying!

She really loves her swimming lessons. She gets so excited when we get our swimsuits on, pack the swimming bag, and head out the door. She bounces, flaps her arms, squeals with excitement. It's so bloody cute.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Bad, bad blogger!!

I have been lazy this month. Remarkably lazy.

I could blame Sweet Pea. She's much more mobile and vocal this month. We've been very busy going to play at the Early Years Centre, and going to the park, and with swimming lessons, and all the daily errands and chores that come along with baby-raising. But it's not her fault.

I could blame it on the lack of blog fodder in my life. But that would be a false-hood as well.

I could tell you I don't have the time to get on the computer and type up a blog entry anymore. That would be closer to the truth, but still not quite correct.

The truth is, I am just feeling lazy. Probably that seasonal burst that comes around and says 'hey, summer is on the way -- relax and enjoy it!'

So let's begin with my birthday. I am 29! I don't have issues with getting older. Whatever. It's just a birthday.
This birthday was a good one!
My parents came in the morning with a cake.

They also brought Sweet Pea a wagon - which can be loaded with all her softies for a real good time!

Mr. Wonderful had the day off. We bundled up the girl and went for a nice hike through a conservation area. I told everyone I could that it was my birthday so as to be showered with love and wishes for happiness. It worked!

I had an order from Shall We Knit for more of my Carried Away bags - the proprietor of the store wants to take them to the Knitter's Frolic in Toronto. This feels like a pretty big deal to me. So I spent a lot of time last week cutting and sewing and I got the order filled in a timely fashion (which also feels like a pretty big deal to me!). And then I accidentally sold 2 of the bags before I even had a chance to deliver them to the store. Hey, I can't say no a knitter who's in love with the fabric and styling of a project bag! So, I had 2 more to make up. Add to that the new fabrics Karen requested I use to make up more bags for her, and I have something like 9 more to make this week. Since I made 12 last week . . . I seem to be on a roll here! I'm thinking about the possibility of opening up an Etsy shop as well. Not sure, though.

We had a lovely weekend. Friday we saw a good friend of Mr. Wonderful, his wife and their 4 month old son. Spent Friday night at Sweet Pea's nana's house. Saturday morning bright and early I joined Sweet Pea's Aunty I-LOVE-BABIES! at the big clothing sale she frequents. It's kids clothing - used, but in good shape. Saturday afternoon I went shopping for me, and spent up all my birthday money on shirts and pants that make me feel like a movie star! I was most pleased.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Playing catch-up

For reals - 10 days with no post, and I have so freakin' much to share!

Let's begin at the beginning:

New quilt: this kit was sent to me shortly after Sweet Pea's birth and I finally got around to assembling it! Cute little blankie, Sweet Pea likes to touch the soft bits.

This wee girl loves her books! She got all her books down off her shelf, and sat and 'read' them . . too cute!

Got the girl 2 walkers for $15 (!!). She likes to ride on them best - using them as walkers usually results in a thump, and some crying. Poor little monkey can't make her feet go fast enough!

Maple Syrup Festival:
It was bitter cold! We bundled the girl up, strapped her to her daddy (so she could see) and out we went! Sweet Pea's Nana came along, and we were glad to have her company.

We met some animals.

Saw some weird signs.

And tuckered out the girl.

Boy Cousin's birthday party:
Boy cousin is very nearly One. His birthday party was last weekend. Apparently, Sweet Pea appreciated his birthday gifts.

And his wagon.

And finally, Sweet Pea's grandparents from Alberta are visiting this week, so Mr. Wonderful took some time off work, and came to swimming lessons to watch this week!