Saturday, 29 December 2012

That awkward post . . .

I haven't blogged here since September. A lot has happened since September. I have considered, many a time, what this post might look like. Will I try to catch up? Will I just ignore the lapse and move on? And every time I started to think about it, it was just too much and the post was going to be so huge, and so I would push it to the back of my mind again. That sums up October, November, and December.

Here's what I think: let's hit the highlights, and just move on.

Sweet Pea wanted to be 90's Xmen cartoon Storm for Halloween. I over-thought it, but she wound up with a pretty fab costume.

Boober was a tiger. It was awesome!

This year, we opted to let the kids gorge on their candy. It worked. The candy was gone within 2 days.

November: there was a whole bunch of rain and crap weather in November. A few days were mild enough for fun of the following variety:

October and November were so jam-packed with doll-making and shipping that there just isn't much in the way of photography. 35 dolls and toys were made and shipped.

December: A certain little boy turned 2

This year, we chose to take the family to Great Wolf Lodge for Boober's birthday rather than deal with the hubbub of a big birthday party or two. (Even if we invite no one but family, we still have over 20 attendees for birthday bashes. It's just too much.) So instead we packed up and drove off with our little family. It was awesome! I would definitely do it again! Sadly, I have virtually no pictures becaue 1) being a first-timer, I was unaware of the photo opps at breakfast, tooling around in the lobby, etc, and 2) there is no way in HELL I am bringing my camera into a water park.

And then it was Christmas. I have 346 images on my memory card from Christmas. Here is a selection of my faves, from our home, Christmas morning.

I assure you, Mr. Wonderful was also there, but the photo I took of him opening his gift is among the least flattering photos I've ever seen of him. Out of respect for my husband, I will definitely keep that under wraps.

There was also some really great cousins time in there -- see?

My kids have some awesome cousins. The big boy you see here is 10, and far too old to play with toddlers - but he sat and played patiently with Boober for a good long stretch. The big girl in the above photo is 15. She played with the littles for hours. It's so wonderful when big kids make the time to show little kids that they're important and cool and fun to be with too.

We also had the younger cousins over this week, but I didn't think to take any photos. They were adorable, all playing together.

And finally - I found some retailers online that I really think are awesome, and fun, and deserve some attention and support.
Lil' Black Cloud - hand-made silver jewellery. Adorable, nicely finished, and the packaging is fab.
Odalee Fibers - hand dyed and hand painted yarns. Not just in fingering weight, either! Great colours - I had such a hard time choosing just one that I wound up with two.

And that is about how far I want to go with updates. Hopefully I can be better at blogging now that it's not stressing me out to catch up!