Thursday, 26 February 2009

No Seriously, I do still knit!

I have 6 hospital hats done. It was stalled at 5 for a while, because I'm working on this Cat-eared baby hat, but I accidentally got light fingering instead of fingering for it, and really, it's sucking the life out of me. To the point where I haven't even photographed it. Because really, I don't know if I'm going to frog it or not yet.
And then I tried to do up a skully hat in white and pastel blue. Took out one pattern repeat width wise to make it newborn sized, but instead I made it . . like, I dunno . . newborn KITTEN sized?? So I put the pattern repeat back in and tried again, but then it was stupid big, so I cast on again with a different needle size, but I effed up the colours and had it backwards to what I wanted . . . so I threw in the towel on that one. For now, anyway.
Had a little wee Odessa on the needles, and truthfully, it's probably larger than a newborn hat should be, but I'm ignoring that and pushing on. Again light fingering, but since it's a patterned hat -- not as soul-sucking. Just finished it last night.

And I did make these:

With which I am well pleased.
Finally, I have fingerless mitts that fit me properly! Seems I'm always making them too big, or too tight, or way too short. I mean, I like 'em short, but not so short that they don't even reach my fingers. These ones are perfect.
The yarn is leftovers from the (dreaded) chocolate jacket. Itchy as all get out, but you get used to it - and rather quickly too. Foxhill Farms, lamb's wool in all it's natural colour glory.

Oh, and I've picked up my lovely Lily of the Valley 'No nupps, just beads' stole and worked some of it this week too.


Seems like only a few months ago I was telling my mother-in-law that the baby was the size of a lemon, and watching my belly expand from curve to bump and beyond. Now she's worn everything I knit in preparation.

This was the last thing. Yes, I had to roll the sleeves, and it's a touch long yet . . . but it doesn't look ridiculous.
(Omg, look at that gorgeous little face!)

I realized not too long ago that she doesn't nurse as frequently.
She's hitting all sorts of milestones and can do exponentially more today than she could do even 2 months ago. She looks for her toys under blankets for crap sakes!
She's learning how to nap without nursing.
My baby is growing and developing. She doesn't need me as much today as she did before. And that's bittersweet.

In a week she'll be 8 months old. Omg, 8 months old. That can't be! She's getting to be so much fun. I fall deeper in love with her everyday -- and yes, we have 4 more months together . . but in just 4 short months I'll be sitting behind a desk, missing my daughter like crazy. I've started researching daycare centres. It makes me sad.
And me - I'm just getting into the swing of being a mom. I'm finding things for us to do outside of our home. Things to look forward to. Hardly seems fair that just as I'm getting there . . well, I should count myself lucky to have a year off with my daughter.

But really, whose heart wouldn't swell looking at this:

(Cute vest, eh? JennyP made it for her. Spoiled kid! She's so lucky to be so well-loved!)

Saturday, 21 February 2009

I'm walkin', yes indeed!

These are among Sweet Pea's very first assisted steps.

I don't think this child is
A) aware of
B) accepting of
the fact that she's just 7 months old.

Granted, she walks with help - someone has to hold those little hands to keep her upright. But I don't think this is normal! I mean, it's not something most children should be able to do until 10 months. I'm simultaneously glad and terrified that she's ahead with her gross motor skills. Glad because she'll have increased independence, and I may actually be around for her first steps rather than at work. Terrified because she'll doubtless be into everything.

Apparently she takes after her momma - I skipped crawling almost altogether and went straight for walking. Sweet Pea hasn't crawled one inch in her entire life.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Speaking of stupid easy . . .

So there I was, making hats for the hospital. I had this leftover pink, and a hat in mind for it -- but the pattern didn't exist. They were either too big, or wrong gauge, or not quite right . . . So I made it up! I think the decreases might be the same as Itty Bitty hats. I've made a few of them lately -- it's in my head.

Why yes, that is a measuring cup modeling that hat! Thanks for noticing!

Laissez-faire, the Easy-going Hat

Sized to fit a newborn. 5 inches unstretched laying flat. Comfortably expands to a circumference of 14 inches plus.
Needles: 3.75 mm, set of 4 or 5 dpn. 2 circs. Whatever floats your boat.
Yarn: less than 100 m of DK weight - 2 or more colours if you want stripes. I used Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo, and Louisa Harding Kashmir DK.
Gauge: 6 stitches/inch st st unstretched.

Cast on 64 st. If you work in the round, place a marker to determine the end of the round - or keep track somehow!
*K4, P4. Repeat from *
Repeat row until the ribbing is as long as you'd like. I went to 1 1/2 inches.
Switch to st st (K all rounds). Stripe at will. Feel free to use the term 'willy nilly'.

When you feel that your hat is long enough, begin to decrease. For me, this happened at 4 inches.
Row 1: K6, K2tog - repeat until end of row
Row 2: K5, k2 tog - repeat to end of row
Row 3: K all
Row 4: K4, K2tog - repeat to end of row
Row 5:K3, K2tog - to end
Row 6:K2, K2tog - to end
Row 7: K all
Row 8: K all
Row 9: K1, K2tog - to end
Row 10: K2tog - to end

Cut yarn, leaving a nice lengthy tail. Thread the tail through the remaining stitches (I think there should be 8), pull tight, and weave in the end on the inside. In fact, weave in any loose ends you might have.

Voila! A spiffy warm hat for even the coniest of cone-heads! Donate or gift to a deserving mom-to-be and her little bundle at will.

When I made this hat, I striped of necessity -- I would have loved an all-pink hat with a nice chunky rib . . . and I was going to duplicate stitch a skull on the side. This is how much yarn I had left over:

Not even enough for one round! Funny how sometimes things just work out.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Sometimes, it's stupid easy.

Finally, Sally joins the ranks of the FO.

Please to note: 2 arms, 2 legs, pretty dress, nice hair. Sweet Pea looks a little wiped. She still likes Sally -- especially since her hands and feet are reminiscent of nipples . . . and she's a boob fed baby. Now she sucks on Sally's appendages when I'm not available.
It took me something like 2 days to get Sally's arm stuffed and sewn on. It was knit -- that was done, but I lacked the drive to actually affix it.

But now she's done! I won't be making another one of these for a while . . . too futzy.

But in terms of stupid easy, you've got to try this Pocket Gnome pattern!

Apparently delicious. Took very little yarn, and very little time.
Wasn't meant for the girl, but she did enjoy it -- I can make another one if the urge strikes.

Sad news . . . I now know 2 pregnant ladies. As sad as I am to hear the news, I can only imagine how badly my friend feels. She was so excited. It was such a positive thing to her -- and it was wonderful to see her so happy. I wish I knew what to do, what to say . . . I know I can't take the hurt away, but I wish I could.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hospital Hats.

I have finished three hospital hats.

2 in some gnarly, sweaty hand, squeaky acrylic procured during someone else's de-stash. They are as follows:

Scalloped hospital hat. Seems to be available only as a Ravelry download. Sorry, not trying to exclude anyone. I added 2 pattern rows per tier as comments indicated the hat was a wee bit short.

Boring hospital hat. Which is just Simple baby cap 1 from Itty-Bitty Hats. I have to say it doesn't bode well that it fits 7 month old Sweet Pea . . . . but as you can see, it JUST BARELY fits her noggin.

The final completed hospital hat is this one:
Itty hospital hat. The pattern is Koru, available at the Justjussi webpage. Scroll down, you'll see it. It did make a very tiny little hat. I'm thinking preemie sized. Then again, given that my apparent newborn sized hat fit my big baby girl, I may be way off.
This hat was crafted in Kashmir DK, as a respite from the gross acrylic.

I have quite a bit of yarn left to go, and therefore several more hats before we'll call it a day. Stay tuned!

In Sally news, she got one arm last night!

Sweet Pea seems to be good with that. I should be able to finish her today.

Friday, 13 February 2009

They really do come in threes, don't they?

I've learned that I know three pregnant women! Three new babies to knit for! Well, not really. One is just a co-worker, acquaintance type of situation. One was my Matron of Honour, and will at least get a sweet little sweater. The final one is a fellow knitter - why is it that the ones capable of knitting for their own babes are the ones I most wish to knit for? Likely because they understand and appreciate the work, effort, time and care that go into these things like no one else really can.

Behold, The Apple of Momma's Eye! (Rav link)
Pattern: Little Pumpkin, available in Itty-bitty Hats, Susan B. Anderson.
I made Sweet Pea one of these, in the intended colours - pumpkin colours. She wore it for the fall. I thought it absolutely adorable! Every baby needs a precious little hat. This one is made of Louisa Harding's Kashmir DK, currently on sale at the LYS for 40% off. Hard to ignore! So unbelievably soft!

I bought a ball in pastel blue, and one in white as well.

Why these uncharacteristic colours? Well, this week I sent an email to the hospital. I told them that I really appreciated the support I got from the nursing staff surrounding Sweet Pea's birth (they really were phenomenal) and I wanted to knit them some hats for the childbirth program. Know what their guidelines are? No chunky yarns (worsted or less only, thanks) and the hats must be in white, or pastel shades. Boring! I asked why -- they're under the impression that no mother would allow a bold coloured hat to be placed on her newborn's head. I think they need to do a little research! There's a time when that was true, I'm sure. It's not the case any longer.

I had intended to make a few apple hats, and a few skully hats . . . and frankly, I'm rather disappointed that they won't even allow mommas the option of non-generic hats for their wee babes. I'm going to try to find a way around the admin . . . see if I can get a labour nurse to smuggle the hats in . . . think it'll work? I'm tempted to make skully hats in pastel colours, but then I'm afraid they'll be discarded.

In other news, Sally is nearing completion. She needs arms, and possibly ears. Today, Sweet Pea wiped her boogers on her. It's true love.

Monday, 9 February 2009

As you can see, Sweet Pea has made Sally's acquaintance. She seems to like her. I hope adding arms, clothes and hair won't render her unlovable!

We had a busy weekend chez nous. Fridays my parents come over to see Sweet Pea. Saturday, Mr. Wonderful's high school buddy came over with his wife and son, who is just a little older than our little one. He blew her mind with his ability to crawl, and cruise, and change from sitting to not sitting on his own! Ever since, she's been trying so hard to do it too. Last night she successfully cruised 2 steps sideways before she fell. This is a huge improvement! As of Friday she couldn't (or wouldn't) even hold herself up at the coffee table. I know I'll rue the day I encouraged her mobility soon enough . . . but for now it's all so exciting and foreign to her. I want her to have that adventure and excitement.

Aww! Lookit them playing together!
We really enjoy this particular family's company. There are certain matches you make in life that you really hope will work out in the long-term, and this is one of those for us.

Sunday was mini-niece's 3rd birthday party. In a word? Exhausting. Someday Sweet Pea will be three . . . God help us. There was frenzy and excitement and most notably balloons everywhere! And, (fabulous) now everyone wants knit toys for their birthday. sigh.

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Today is my 2 year blog-iversary. Who Knew? Not me . . . until I checked just now.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Stuff I Made!

Now that it's February, and I have my flickr account back -- STUFF I MADE!!

Bunny. Made from my own hand-spun. I liked the bunny much better before I tried to felt it . . . the appendages all felted nicely, but the body . . . nope.

Crocheted bug! Totally did this one just to see if I could pull it off -- and I did! This opens the door to additional practice crochet exercises. Next up, shoes.

I also finished my Hemlock Ring blanket. It's lovely! Warm, and delightful drape -- no finished pics of it as of yet.

And currently on the go:
I have her body done now as well . . . ready to start her legs.

Today, the car is in the body shop for its required repairs, and Sweet Pea is scheduled for her shots . . . 4th attempt. Hopefully she'll just get them already and they'll stop refusing.