Tuesday, 21 August 2012

2 months, 1 post

This summer has been busy, fun-filled, and remarkably active. Not much time for blogging, I'm afraid.

Boober fell off a bed and landed on his ear.


I made Sweet Pea a tarantula dress with one yard of fabric and my brain! No pattern.


Boober took advantage of the Ravellenic games to practice his mad knitting skills!


He also practiced being extra adorable!


There has, of course, been day-to-day business to conduct. Eating, playing, painting the fence.


I have about a zillion blog-worthy pics, but . . . overload.

There was also some out-of-the-ordinary stuff. The Children's Museum, a birthday party, daycamp for Sweet Pea . . . someday I'll catch up.

In the past 2 months, I have also made: 3 dragons, 3 sheep, 2 monkeys, 5 Waldorf dolls, 5 soft sculpture dolls, and 2 outfits without dolls.

See? Busy.