Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The things we do for . . . photos?

When it comes to photography, I've found that 'Just Keep Shooting' works best when your subject is a baby or child.
To illustrate:

You get a lot of this

(which is cute, yes, but not adorable) before you end up with this

Remember our weekly growth photos? Well, those are particularly aggravating to catch.

She has to show me how far up she can lift her feet (far!)

Then we practice rolling for a bit

After fixing the blanket and re-positioning the baby, she lifts her feet again before I can grab the photo. Eventually enough is enough, and you just wind up with the best of the pics.

Still not perfect, but meh. Good enough.
Good gravy, she's getting big.

So big in fact, that we have to get her a new car seat really, really soon. We've decided on the True fit, which is an insane piece of technology. Not unreasonably priced, not pretty at all, and it will hold her in a 5 point harness until she's 65 pounds. That's 25 pounds beyond most car seats! I wanted to get her the 'Bella' which is really pretty -- until I read up on the True Fit. Sometimes you sacrifice - and in the face of my daughter's safety, I'd give up pretty any time.
So now we just have to procure said car seat. I'm hoping Toys R Us has them in stock.

This being home stuff works pretty well around the holiday season. I've got most of our Christmas shopping done already. Minimal muss and fuss, avoiding insanely long lines. It's pretty nice, for a change.

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