Monday, 22 December 2008

Always learning.

In the past, I've learned that this little girl:

Can get really crabby if she doesn't take her naps. Of course, she dislikes napping. Cuts into her playing and interacting time.

When she doesn't nap, she lacks the energy to fight things like this, mind you:

Generally, going down for a nap involves nursing to sleep, and then me sitting as still as a statue until my arms, bum and back go numb. The instant I move, she's awake.
Today, I learned that if I put her in her crib sleepy, and just leave the room -- she will go to sleep! This frees up alot of time for me!

She's always learning too. In the last day or two, she's learned how to sit - not for less than 2 seconds, and no more than 10 seconds - on her own, unsupported.

And yes, that's me holding her hand. Not for support, but to prevent her from biting her toes. Because alot of pics of Sweet Pea sitting look like this:

The second she sees those toes, she simply must taste them.


Batty said...

Toe biting, huh? I guess those mint-flavored socks aren't just for us adults who occasionally stick our feet in our mouths.

She's adorable.

Stickyfingers said...

Mint flavoured socks? You're joking right? Are you joking? Is that for serious??

etcgirl said...

Ahhh ... now you're talking like a mum I can respect - taking advantage of her weak moments!! :)

I LOVE the new sleepy-and-dash plan. Good for you, and keep it up, even though it may not work exactly every time. She needs to learn to help herself to fall asleep eventually, and this will be better for both of you. YAY for good developmental milestones!!!

And, she looks sooper cute perched in her sitty-chair.