Saturday, 27 December 2008

. . . at the In-Laws

Mr. W's family is weird! They have holiday dinners at 2pm. Weird, right?
So after opening our gifts at home in the morning, we had to pack the car and get to the In-Law's lickedysplit. Half way there, I realized I had left 2 gifts behind. One was for Mr. W, the other was for 2 kids who weren't going to be there. We decided it wasn't a big deal and kept on our way.

We pulled up at the In-Laws at 1:45, and man, you could smell dinner in the driveway. It was incredible! RockStarHairStylist SIL was already there with her husband, BigBroIL lives there and was, therefore, present. Needless to say Sweet Pea was instantly accosted with love and attention.

In the interests of time, I will sum up:
Dinner was incredible
Sweet Pea was loved, snorggled, and passed from person to person. She was happy as a clam. Until she suddenly wasn't. But it was late, and she was overwhelmed.
Gifts were wonderful. Here is what I got:

This yarn will become the following vest when it grows up:

The remnant will be legwarmers.
So basically, I got amazing stuff that I really wanted and can definitely use for Christmas this year! I got to spend some really quality time with family! I came out of the season feeling whole, happy and very satisfied - contrast that with the harrassed and aggravated feeling I usually have following the Christmas season, and I have to say . . . Best. Christmas. Ever.


Batty said...

Fabulous gifts!

And early dinner are a bit of a family tradition with Mr. Batty and me... we call it linner.

Stickyfingers said...

I guess that makes YOU weird too, Batty! ;)