Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Okay everyone, the bag naming contest closes tonight at midnight! That gives you just under 8 hours. I have 2 front runners right now, but I'm still open to suggestions. And if you are a real-life friend, expect to be asked to help me decide!

This is what I'm knitting right now:

Because with Christmas just 2 weeks away, a pea pod for my nephew still on the needles, and Sweet Pea's Christmas quilt days away from completion, what I really need is something else to help with the procrastination.
Maple Seed Hat. Crafted in Noro Kureyon, and in case you were wondering, NO. This yarn has not met my expectations. It's actually pretty terrible. It's got the phenomenal colour changes going for it, and that's about it. Anyone know another yarn with great colours that doesn't suck?
Cool pattern. I might make it again.

2 of my giftees were presented with their presents today, so I can share. For Sno who loves all things skully:

For kniteopath, who is constantly trying to get to her gardening:

Yeah, that's right. Crochet! That took some time, and the careful tutelage of the internet!

Tomorrow I'll gift one more. Not sure when I'll see the other 2 ladies, but hopefully soon.


Penny Karma said...

Oooh! I want a skull!! That's awesome!!!

Knitteopath said...

I *thought* it was crochet! Now I'm even further in your thrall! (and thinking of what I need to do to that dang garden in the New Year...)

thanks again!

etcgirl said...

You got my numbah! You picked the perfectest shape (and yarn!) for me - and I can't believe you spent all that time knitting/crocheting lovely TEENSY things for all us gals. ::love::

As for the Kureyon, well, there are only two kinds of people in the world - those who love it, and those who hate its VM and rough thick 'n thinness with fiery hotness. I think you can add a third group of people who love it for its colours and can't stand the rest.