Sunday, 29 April 2007

Mysterious Mysteries . . .

Mystery #1:

I bought this on Friday

It's beautiful

I love it.

It refuses to be knit up. It demands to be admired. I want to knit it up!! I tried to make it into fetching. It declined. Now it's balled, and is not nearly as nice to look at. What do you want to be, oh lovely Manos? What shall I make you into?? Please don't make me suffer!!

Mystery #2:

Also Friday, for no reason, I peed on a stick. Fabulous, yes . . I know. Here is what happened. I immersed the stick and watched. Oh look, I said in my head, there is a stripe. That is the control stripe to show me I did it right. It's not very dark . . . hm. Moments later a significantly darker stripe appeared above the first. My right eyebrow suddenly became raised. What am I seeing? I said to myself. Is that normal? Is it a function of these incredibly cheap tests from the internet? Am I PREGNANT?

What do you think? Anyone used these tests before? Does that line always show up? Am I delusional?

My thoughts:
the case for no. Sure there's a stripe there, but it's virtually invisible. And it's in a different area - this could be normal for these tests.
the case for yes. there's a damn stripe there. 2 stripes = pregnant.

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