Wednesday, 4 April 2007

I need to update, I really need to update . .

. . . but it's vacation, and Mr. Wonderful is around, and I don't want him to mock me for having my own geeky bloggy type thing . . . or to start reading it.

I had a super duper productive weekend -- wanna hear about it? No pics, because Mr. Wonderful would ask questions. I'll add pics later. I promise.

Saturday was the Maple Syrup festival. It was madness. Absolute tourist madness. I sat in my living room and knit a sock while hundreds of tourists trampled my lawn. At least they could have done it in cleats, and got a little aeration in. Mr. W and I went to check the festival out. We are not crowd people. We didn't last long. But we did get some delicious treats -- maple candies. Hard ones. YUM! And elk pepperettes. Scrumptious.
Then we came home and hid the basement watching movies until it was all over.
I got a lot of knitting done. Like, alot. I made another buttonhole bag - thanks for the pattern Aruni! I finished the wretched pirate mittens. I finished sock #1 of my two sock series. All things considered, that's a boat load of knitting for one day.

Sunday we went to Canadian Tire and purchased lots and lots of yard equipment. Not a lawn mower. We still need a lawn mower. But we now have a patio set complete with chairs and an umbrella, a BBQ, a weed wacker . . . I'm sure there's more. We assembled all of it on Sunday too. And then I did some knitting. Taught myself entrelac - made a small bag.

How's that for omega-productive? Yeah! I was tired.

Monday, I actually made it to the gym. Good for me! Yesterday we went to the movies. Blades of Glory. Yep. It was fun . . . good movie. I'd recommend it for a light, entertaining show.

Today we went birthday shopping. (My birthday is next week). LYS . . . WOO! Mr. W dropped $100 on shiny new needles for me, a book for me, and a gift certificate . . . he loves me and wants me to be happy. :D

I promise I will update with pics very soon. Maybe even tomorrow . . .

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Stacey said...

I'm glad you are having such a productive week! Thanks so much for the bookmark - it immediatly went into my book!

You're the best secret pal!