Sunday, 22 April 2007

Mostly dead is still slightly alive

It's been a rough week.

First there was my friends breakup, and I wanted to be there for him - I really did . . . but instead, I spent a good chunk of the week in emergency land. It's a place I wish I never had to visit again.

Mr. Wonderful got himself an abscessed tooth. It got infected. Really bad.
Tuesday night, he was writhing and shrieking from the pain. I called an emergency dental line, and they prescribed him antibiotics. Aggressive ones. I got 5 hours of restless sleep, just like the nights before. Poor guy couldn't sleep, and he was all listless - which shook the bed and woke me.
Wednesday, his face started to swell. He kept looking at me dead on to see it - and in my defense, it's hard to ascertain these things when looked at dead on. I told him it wasn't bad. Again, 5 hours of sleep.
Thursday I woke to him yelling at me about the swelling. At 7 am. I went to bed at 2 am. When I woke him up at 11, I finally saw the swelling from the side. He was an absolute fright.
I called the dentist's office. Within 20 minutes we had an emergency appointment to have the tooth pulled. Did you know that with an abscess, Novocaine will not take effect? Poor Mr. Wonderful. He felt the whole thing. He was in shock. They said the swelling would go down right away. It didn't.
Called the dentist at 10pm to ask if it we should be worried that the swelling was increasing. The response: "oh yeah". Another emergency trip to town, another prescription, and some terrifying instructions as to what to do if the swelling didn't go down, or got any worse.

Mr. Wonderful is now on two types of antibiotics. It took 36 hours, but the swelling is going down. He's feeling infinitely better. So am I.

I can't believe that in 2007, with the medicine we have, that it is still possible to die from an abscess - and I can't believe how close we came, or how little warning you really have.

I'm currently waging battle with my knitting.
The cardigan is full on fighting me. I have it on birch needles, and I definitely think a set of addi turboz would help. I intend to procure some tomorrow.
Leda's dream had to be frogged again. It was my own fault - extra yo. Even the life lines didn't help - they fell out. Groan.

What a mentally and physically exhausting week.

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Stacey said...

I'm so glad he's okay...I was worried for both of you. I can't even imagine what you've gone through but I'm glad everything is working out. (((Hugs!)))