Thursday, 12 April 2007

Sick sucks

I have a terrible head cold. I'm so congested! I don't know who to blame for this one either -- was it my brother and niece at Easter, or my aesthetician, who did my waxing with a blazing head cold?
And of course, I'm a phone jockey for a living, so that's a little brutal. "Doe, sir - you bisunderstood be . . . " That and the scratchy throat. Woo. 2 days left to the weekend. By Monday, I should be much better. I hope.

Knitting: no pics today. I cast on for a bunch of things recently.
Leda's dream
I was knitting away, about 24 rows in, when the unthinkable happened. A mistake I couldn't fix! It has been frogged, and awaits try #2. I'm making it out of the pink cashmere Aruni sent me!

A Cardigan
From the recycled yarn I frogged from my giant sweater. So far I like it. I hope it will fit significantly better. The pattern is from the 70s. It's really rather interesting. I'll be making some modifications for sure. First up, it will not be nearly as long. The pattern makes a cardi that ends halfway down the thigh. I'll be happy with just over the bum, or even shorter.

A shrug
My mom was coming over, and I couldn't be knitting the yarn from the sweater she made me. So I cast on for a lacy little shrug, in a cotton yarn. This way, I can be comfortable walking the km to and from my parking spot and work in the summer, while still being HR friendly at work.

Thanks to everyone who took a moment to wish me a happy birthday after my post on Tuesday. That helped a lot.

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