Thursday, 5 April 2007


Here they are!
First up, Hedera - completed last night.

Here is a close up of the lacey goodness!

I still don't like handknit socks. I hope these get a lot softer in the wash. They hurt to walk on.

Pirate mittens - still a bit ominous and foreboding, but DONE!

They're going to my manager's grandson. Apparently he loves pirates.

The second buttohole bag. Felting was not so successful this time around. I have learned that in order to felt, one must knit at a much looser gage. Duly noted. I may give this to a pregnant lady I know so she can have baby's essentials on hand at all times.

My first entrelac experience. Also didn't felt well -- for the same reason. I was hoping to cover up the mistakes with felting . . . alas. It's cute though. No idea what to do with it.

And now, this -- my major disappointment. These are only a few hours old, and it happened on a straight knit row. Sigh. They're going back from whence they came.

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KnittingNutter said...

How lace-licious - love the socks! Sorry about the entrelac.