Monday, 16 April 2007

Sad news and knitting progress

So, I came traipsing online earlier today to have a quick peek at my email and update my blog . . . didn't happen. I got sidetracked. Hard.

My best friend's girlfriend broke up with him. Poor guy. He's crushed. I feel terrible for him. With that in mind: This girl refused to let him spend any time with me. My friend was a bridesmaid in my wedding - that's how close we are. Since my wedding, a year and a half ago, I've spent a few hours in the same room as him, and that was only because his girlfriend was at work, and he needed a ride home from work - and then I didn't leave for a while. I miss him. I hate that he's hurting. I know he wants her back - and I guess it would make him happy, and would therefore be a good thing . . .

Apparently she met another guy . . . sigh.

Now for the intended update.

My knitting progress this week:

60 rows of Leda's Dream. I started it yesterday. It's really fun! I have to have time and space to concentrate on it - can't listen to anything or have a conversation, or I lose my place - but it sure is lovely. Lace weight is interesting - it's like knitting with thread. I'm always terrified that I'm going to snap it. So far so good . . . . touch wood. When Aruni sent me this, I thought I was a lace knitter already - imagine my surprise when I realized I had been knitting lace motifs only. I considered it a challenge. One I think I'm meeting. Bonus points: I get to use my rockin' new stitch markers! (even though I don't really need them . . . blush)

Several inches of cardigan back. This is from an old pattern . . . it's interesting looking, if not a little mind numbing. The worst part is you can't just zone out -it's a 6 row pattern repeat, with only one row of c2's. Brutal. I keep losing my place. I just keep telling myself the back will be the worst bit. Secretly, I know I'm lying. The sleeves will be the worst bit. Maybe I'll scrap the c2, and just work in rib for those. ugh.

1/3 of a lace motif shrug. This will enable me to wear tank tops to and from work, while still being HR friendly and covering my shoulders. Bonus points: I get to knit it on my Lantern Moons - which are a dream.

I'm actually really loving my Brittany Birch needles too. At this point, I think metal needles are out and wooden needles are in. Except addis. I love those, and I always will.

I did all of this in a week. Less than a week, I think - but I wasn't really paying attention. If I had stuck with my 1 WIP I commonly do, the shrug would be finished by now. Or the cardi would have made me crazy by now. Or something.

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KnittingNutter said...

Wow, you are a "machine" with those needles. I love the lace.