Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Baby legwarmers

These are my baby legwarmers!

I scoured the internet for a suitable pattern, but learned that none really exist. After doing a bit of reading, I went ahead and made it up!

I used some baby yarn, and leftover sock yarn, 3.25 mm needles, and cast on 35 stitches. I worked a 3x2 rib for a bit, then moved into st st, and finished up with a shorter run of 3x2 rib. No idea how they'll fit yet - the intended baby is not due until next month. That's why I'm leaving out the measurements. I could be very, very wrong.

Mommy to be received these yesterday, along with the brown and pink buttonhole bag. She was so appreciative! It always feels great . . . I've made her a few things now, just for the reactions. She makes me feel like a super star!

Today is my birthday. I took it off work . . . you'd think by now I'd know better.
I spent the day renewing my license plates and having car stuff looked after. To be fair, I also went to the LYS and spent sweet birthday $$ . . . I now have some new stash! A beautiful blue based red lace weight, and some greeny blue cotton for a shrug.
It's been an anti-climactic day at very best. Blah. The worst thing about birthdays is how you get all built up, and think it's going to be a special day -- and then it's really not.

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Stacey said...

That's exactly how my birthdays are...very anti-climtic. But Happy Brithday anyway!