Saturday, 14 April 2007

Goody! Goodies!

Yesterday I received my final package from Aruni, my upstream SP in the mellow SP round on knitty. I reveled in it's amazingness for the entirety of the evening.

Here it is:

Some Lamb's Pride worsted in a fabulous spring colour. A beautiful, beautiful lace weight from knitpicks - in baby alpaca!! And six really great stitch markers, made by a friend of hers -- this is fantastic, she just tripled my stitch marker population. Now I will no longer be forced to scrounge for waste yarn.

I wish I could get better photos of the yarns. I tried, I really did - but it's a dreary day today and the light is not very good.

This bit of the package though - it took my breath away. Aruni took the time to knit me my own Branching Out - and she did it with Jaeger Silk. It is absolutely scrumptious! I wore it all night last night. Even though I am not, strictly speaking, a scarf person, I foresee a lot of scarf wearing in my immediate future. (Mr. Wonderful even told me it was sexy.)
Isn't it just the perfect colour? It will almost certainly go with everything! And it's so soft and wonderful.

A million thank yous to you, Aruni!


KnittingNutter said...

Beautiful scarf - Branching out is on my list of future projects.


Not just another said...

isn't it gorgeous? I'm just thrilled that she took the time to make me something so special!