Wednesday, 2 May 2007

This week in Knitting

I feel so un-inspiring . . . nothing wildly entertaining or exciting seems to happen to me. Blah.

I have to say though -- I'm tired of thinking I'm pregnant, or may be pregnant, or could be pregnant every single month!! Although, this is the first month with a test that may back that up - it's getting old. My cycle needs to get it's stuff together, or clear out! At this point, I have 2 possible positives, and a negative.

Now, knitting progress:

Shrug the second:

Here it is, waiting for a garter stitch edge. I seem to have misplaced the appropriately sized needles. This is a bit of a problem. I only have one set of 4.5mm needles. I was keeping them separate from all the other needles, so they would be easy to find. I think it's safe to say, that didn't really work out.
Look at it - it's so patient and sad, waiting to be finished . . . .

Fingerless gloves in Manos!
Mr. Wonderful's are done, and he has already commenced stretching them out. I just did a plain rib and made them to fit. Look how gigantic they are on my tiny paw!

Mine are Knitty's Fetching, and are still thumbless - but the Manos did finally agree . . . YAY!

And of course, the sweater. I haven't touched it this week. I have Manos, and a shrug to knit. I don't want to touch it! Don't make me touch it!!
It's sad though - I like the look of the stitch pattern, and how the fabric is coming out. I bet I'll love the sweater, it's just a righteous pain in the butt to knit!

Here is the cat, modeling the sweater.

It looks like very soon this will be my only WIP and then I'll have to work on it . . . or face knitting withdrawal. Ack.

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