Monday, 26 March 2007

Woe is me

So here I am . . at home . . . having yet another sick day. Third one in three months. Not good.

I woke up with a vengeful visit from Aunt Flow this morning. At 10 I was in a bit of pain. At 11 I was standing in the shower, spraying hot water on my crampy bits. By noon I had tossed the house looking for Pamprin, laid all over the bed moaning and groaning, and considered calling 911 for emergency transport to the morgue. At Mr. Wonderful's suggestion, I went to the drug store and bought more Pamprin. Side note: obscene amounts of pain make me an expert parallel parker. First try, bang on!

At this juncture, 2 hours and three pills later, I feel nothing but sleepy and slightly sick to my stomach. Probably shouldn't have done that, but I was delirious! I swear!

And now I'm looking for things to do that will keep me conscious for another hour or two - until it's safe to sleep a bit. I've been knitting on my sock - I selected Hedera for the yarn from the last post. I love that yarn, more and more. It's got such great colours in it!

I photographed my miserable little amount of stash for this weekend's 'Flash Your Stash' event. I'm prepared, if not woefully short of stash.

I photographed my button hole bag. As Aruni noted, it's not up yet . . well, here it is! I got the lighter yarn from my LYS - it didn't felt as nicely as the stuff Aruni sent . . . also, I did have a small amount left over from the brown and green. Too bad I didn't push it a bit farther - that was some great yarn! I might have made it -- but it would have been scary close.
This is a great pattern.

And to up the AW! factor.

This is my cat. She has many names. Currently, she goes by Fatbert. I'm not kidding. Look everyone! Fatbert knows what pricey yarn is good for -- why knit it up when it makes such a yummy pillow?

And for Mr. Wonderful's sake, I maintain that $15 for 380m (415 yards) of sock yarn is not pricey!


Batty said...

Look at that kitty! Awww!

About the cramps: I get bad ones too. Those little heating pads you stick to the inside of your clothing help a little bit, but the electric blanket is magic. I curl up under that and don't move until the pain gets less.

KnittingNutter said...

Mr Wonderful $15 for 380 m of sock yarn is a DEAL! Hope you feel better soon.

aruni said...

hedera looks like a neat pattern, although i have to say that the platform sandal looks a little strange with it. ;)

hope you're feeling better!