Sunday, 4 March 2007

Knitting Victories!

I'm discovering something about myself -- I'm a good knitter! My stuff is generally nicely constructed, and people usually think it's store bought -- may not be a great thing, but there it is. Of course, my point of comparison is my mom's knitting. Which is uninspired.

Thursday was a snow day for us, and Friday was a partial wash at work - our systems were down due to massive power failure. So I sat at my desk and knitted away. I was hammering out the second Squirrel mitten, when I was approached by a rather sheepish looking woman. Long story short, she asked me to help her with her partially completed knitting - she's stuck on the pattern. I told her I would love to! This is a first for me . . having someone ask for my knitting help . . . cool! And then the girls I sit with at work told this woman that I'm an amazing knitter (watch my ego grow), and the woman said 'I can tell - she's got more than two needles on the go'. They're 5 needle mittens. I feel so validated!
In the theme of pleasing everyone, I also went to work on Saturday at EIGHT IN THE MORNING to work some over time. With all those systems down on Friday, there is a major crisis -- so there I was to pick up some slack . . .

Speaking of squirrel mittens:

Here is my progress thus far. Right mitten completed, left mitten very much on the go. I'm surprised at just how much I'm enjoying this knit -- It's Dale of Norway Baby Ull and 2.25mm needles. Generally, I find tiny yarn and tiny needles tedious . . . this is a blast! Maybe because of the constant changes in the pattern. I'm really proud of myself for the way these look - and for not letting Fair Isle scare me anymore - and for teaching myself how to do it.

Want to see my stranding?? I'm showing it off anyway.

These mittens are fun!

Another knitting victory: My nine year old niece is learning to knit -- so that rocks my socks! We saw her - and her needles, and row counter, and point protectors, and all those dropped stitches - yesterday. It would sound crazy to most, but I know a knitter would understand when I say there was a great moment in there - sitting on the couch, next to my niece, both of us knitting. It was awesome! I hope she keeps at it!


Ducktastic said...

I love those mittens! The squirrels are too cute. You know, I've always been a little afraid to try mittens, but I think you may have convinced me to give it a go. :)

Anonymous said...

You are a fabulous knitter! Those mittens are beautiful.

k-good-row said...

Those mittens are so cool! Where did you get the pattern? Anyway, they look amazing and it's wonderful that your knitting is going so well.

Tangledbleus said...

You're right...moments like that are the best. My best friend and I now live about 750 miles apart, sometimes we knit while on the phone. It's the closest thing we've got to the real thing, but it's awesome when we can do it "together." Gotta love female/knitter bonding!

Bufanditas said...

Great mittens!!!! The color combo and pattern is so fun it can make any cold winter day a true joy. And I with pam: your a fab knitter.