Saturday, 31 March 2007

Maple Syrup Festival!

The Elmira Maple Syrup Festival.
Elmira is my place of residence. Today is our big town festival. We expect thousands of tourists over the course of the day. The festival - and the minor irritation - began at 7 am.
I was up until 2am detangling and winding a ball of yarn to be used this morning. I figured I would sleep until 10, and then get knitting!
It was not to be.
Normally, our little town is quiet, quiet, quiet. I can sleep all day if I want to! There is no traffic noise, the occasional barking dog, no sirens . . . the worst you'll hear is the clip-clop of horses drawing buggies through town. Today the usual quiet is punctuated by the frequent . . no, constant . . slamming of car doors.
I'm a very light sleeper.
There are cars parked everywhere.
I'm UP! I'm UP! I get it!!

Mr. Wonderful and I will be heading out this afternoon to check out the festival. This is our first year in town, and we've never been before. And so begins our vacation.

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