Saturday, 24 March 2007

Hitting the knitting brick wall.

Well, I finally bit the bullet, and just bought a bunch of pregnancy tests. Every month, my period is late. Usually by at least 2 weeks recently. Used to be one week max. This go around, I haven't had one since January. I tested 2 or 3 weeks ago - negative. Right now, I'm either PMS-ing hard, or we're expecting. I don't have any tests on hand to check - and I probably wouldn't use one anyway - too expensive! Fortunately, has them for $1 each . . . much more affordable. Now I just have to tell Mr. Wonderful not to panic when the package arrives in the mail.

In knitting news: I seem to have been struck by a loss of knitting mojo. I'm working on a cardi that I just can't get right - it's the transition from fisherman's rib to cable that's really effing with me. My other projects on the needles, I'm just not feeling.

There are the pirate mittens. The wool I'm using is . . .well . . squeaky. It feels cheap, although it was not, and that bites my butt.
Also, the skulls look really mean, and that puts me off too. They're almost done.

Other projects on the go: worsted socks for Mr. Wonderful - meh. I'm at the boring, knit for miles stage - the foot. A horrible, acrylic bouclé blanket - clearing out the purchases from before my knitting renaissance - when I realized there were really nice materials to be had! I'm just not pumped about anything I'm working on right now. And that's a rough place to be.

So yesterday, I went to the LYS for a little inspiration. Now generally I don't knit socks. I feel like they take too long, and then the first time you wear them, they get a hole. For that, I can spend significantly less on a bag of socks in the department store. But then I also realized that I've only been knitting plain, boring stockinette stitch socks - I've never even tried any other pattern. Perhaps the joy of handknit socks is in the knitting. So I bought this. Now I just need the perfect, entertaining sock pattern.

I'm hoping it will bring my knitting love back. I've just really gotten back into it! I'm not ready to lose it again!


Klozter said...

Hey, I found you on the Knitty Mellow board -- your spoiler was my spoilee so I wanted to follow the cirle around. I recognised this yarn, I used it in red for Lizzies Lacy Rib Socks, see photos at:
They turned out great, it's a good pattern for that variegated yarn. Enjoy!

aruni said...

aww, it's the knitty circle of life!

i've never knit a pair of socks, for the reasons you've listed above. it seems to me that those who knit socks obsessively love the patterns and variegated yarn, so maybe that's the key? klozter gave me a lovely hank of opal sock yarn that i think is destined to become a pair of jaywalkers--it looks like a winning combination.

i should also add--you're an impressively speedy knitter! and those pirate mittens look great. a little fierce, but great nonetheless. :)

Batty said...

Have you ever gotten checked for PCOS or other hormone imbalance thing? It would explain a lot.

Socks are addictive. I didn't see the point either, and then I tried something other than stockinette. I'm fairly confident you'll be hooked in no time.