Sunday, 18 March 2007

RIP, last week.

Last week sucked. Like, truly sucked. Every day was a bad day. By Wednesday night, I was ready for the week to be over.
Customers at work were being A-Holes, and that can really kill off your day. I think people forget that when you call into Customer Care, you are speaking to a real, live human being - who is general not at fault in your concern, but most times can fix whatever it is. IF YOU CALM DOWN!

I can't make any change on an account, unless I have a customers express consent - so yelling at me and not letting me get a word in is not productive. ugh. work.

Even the knitting well ran dry. I don't have the yarn to knit the things I really want to, and then on the other hand, I have some fabulous yarns, but no idea what to make with them. Friday night I started up the buttonhole bag sent to me by my mellow sp. It's going well -- but I'm only a few rows into the body of the bag, and almost out of yarn already. The yarn she sent for it is amazing - 85% wool, 15% alpaca bulky. I love working with it - I bet I'll have a hard time finding a suitable sub in the LYS. Oh well. If I have to frog it and make something else, so be it.

I'm designing a new mitten pattern for myself to knit up. I really enjoyed the pink squirrels, but there is a definite lack of cool boy patterns in the same size out there. I'm going with skulls, although Mr. Wonderful wants me to do ninjas, or robots shooting sparks. I'm thinking these mittens will fit a pre-teen, or early teen . . . robots? Really? Although we did come up with a cool idea for another pair, which I may or may not pursue.

But thus far, the weekend has been refreshing. Yesterday, we blew off all our chores and futzed around all day. We went to the movies. We had Subway for dinner. We lounged in bed mid-day. Much better. Vacation in 2 weeks . . . I can make it! Can't I?


Stacey said...

Sorry your week was as crappy as mine - I'm glad you are having a lovely weekend though! :)

Batty said...

Sorry you had a crappy week! Hope the new one gets better.