Sunday, 11 March 2007

I love comments

Really, I do, I love comments! So much so that I will risk my employment just to check the status of new comments on the blog. And I have.

Thank you everyone for your comments. You're giving me a complex -- and I don't mind one bit!
And holy crap, I can't believe PennyKarma read and commented on my blog!

So the new Knitty came out. Generally, it's a fabulous publication, and I can totally get down on the articles -- but I'm not loving the patterns this time out. That's okay - it's not like it's published just for me. It's also free - so I'm not complaining!
Mr. Wonderful loves and demands Dashing for himself. I purchased some lovely baby Alpaca and have dashed out one already. It helps that he's out of town for the weekend -- more uninterrupted knitting time. I don't even have to cook!
It's the other patterns that I'm just not feeling . . . which has lead me to ever so casually consider designing something that I do love for future issues. This, of course, leads to day dreams of ridiculous and astronomical proportions. In my day dreams, I am the next Jordana - creating a pattern that is universally loved and knitted - like Starsky. In reality, I'm sure if I were to design a pattern, I would never get past the sizing issues . . . I can make things in my own size only. And something tells me that just wouldn't work.

I think I'm addicted to baby alpaca. I love knitting with it, petting it, and just generally feeling it. I do not love some things about it. I forgive it though - it is the best wool ever!

I just finished a special project at work. I was involved with this project for about 10 weeks. It took half my days. It was ridiculous. 'They' (the proverbial powers that be) gave me half the day away from my regular duties to see to this project. Seeing to it meant making about 4 - 10 phone calls a day. They honestly gave me 4 hours a day to complete this. Seriously. It was quite likely the least amount of work I've done ever. Anyway, the project is over, and on Thursday everyone was patting everyone else on the back over this silly thing. Okay, that's fine, I can understand that. What I cannot understand is the emails I got from our National Head Quarters, cc'd to the company big wigs, stating things like: were it not for your efforts this initiative would not have been successful. Erm . . . excuse me, but I think taking any rep off the phones for half of their shift, for 2 1/2 months in a row is thanks enough. Additionally, I didn't do anything! Really, I didn't! The other reps I work with envy me for the lack of work I had to do.
The best part? Next time they send a pilot project to my centre, I'm first in line!!

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Batty said...

Anyone who risks a job in order to check comments deserves to find some. Here you go.

Nice knitting!