Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Stuff I Made!

Now that it's February, and I have my flickr account back -- STUFF I MADE!!

Bunny. Made from my own hand-spun. I liked the bunny much better before I tried to felt it . . . the appendages all felted nicely, but the body . . . nope.

Crocheted bug! Totally did this one just to see if I could pull it off -- and I did! This opens the door to additional practice crochet exercises. Next up, shoes.

I also finished my Hemlock Ring blanket. It's lovely! Warm, and delightful drape -- no finished pics of it as of yet.

And currently on the go:
I have her body done now as well . . . ready to start her legs.

Today, the car is in the body shop for its required repairs, and Sweet Pea is scheduled for her shots . . . 4th attempt. Hopefully she'll just get them already and they'll stop refusing.

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