Thursday, 26 February 2009


Seems like only a few months ago I was telling my mother-in-law that the baby was the size of a lemon, and watching my belly expand from curve to bump and beyond. Now she's worn everything I knit in preparation.

This was the last thing. Yes, I had to roll the sleeves, and it's a touch long yet . . . but it doesn't look ridiculous.
(Omg, look at that gorgeous little face!)

I realized not too long ago that she doesn't nurse as frequently.
She's hitting all sorts of milestones and can do exponentially more today than she could do even 2 months ago. She looks for her toys under blankets for crap sakes!
She's learning how to nap without nursing.
My baby is growing and developing. She doesn't need me as much today as she did before. And that's bittersweet.

In a week she'll be 8 months old. Omg, 8 months old. That can't be! She's getting to be so much fun. I fall deeper in love with her everyday -- and yes, we have 4 more months together . . but in just 4 short months I'll be sitting behind a desk, missing my daughter like crazy. I've started researching daycare centres. It makes me sad.
And me - I'm just getting into the swing of being a mom. I'm finding things for us to do outside of our home. Things to look forward to. Hardly seems fair that just as I'm getting there . . well, I should count myself lucky to have a year off with my daughter.

But really, whose heart wouldn't swell looking at this:

(Cute vest, eh? JennyP made it for her. Spoiled kid! She's so lucky to be so well-loved!)

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