Friday, 13 February 2009

They really do come in threes, don't they?

I've learned that I know three pregnant women! Three new babies to knit for! Well, not really. One is just a co-worker, acquaintance type of situation. One was my Matron of Honour, and will at least get a sweet little sweater. The final one is a fellow knitter - why is it that the ones capable of knitting for their own babes are the ones I most wish to knit for? Likely because they understand and appreciate the work, effort, time and care that go into these things like no one else really can.

Behold, The Apple of Momma's Eye! (Rav link)
Pattern: Little Pumpkin, available in Itty-bitty Hats, Susan B. Anderson.
I made Sweet Pea one of these, in the intended colours - pumpkin colours. She wore it for the fall. I thought it absolutely adorable! Every baby needs a precious little hat. This one is made of Louisa Harding's Kashmir DK, currently on sale at the LYS for 40% off. Hard to ignore! So unbelievably soft!

I bought a ball in pastel blue, and one in white as well.

Why these uncharacteristic colours? Well, this week I sent an email to the hospital. I told them that I really appreciated the support I got from the nursing staff surrounding Sweet Pea's birth (they really were phenomenal) and I wanted to knit them some hats for the childbirth program. Know what their guidelines are? No chunky yarns (worsted or less only, thanks) and the hats must be in white, or pastel shades. Boring! I asked why -- they're under the impression that no mother would allow a bold coloured hat to be placed on her newborn's head. I think they need to do a little research! There's a time when that was true, I'm sure. It's not the case any longer.

I had intended to make a few apple hats, and a few skully hats . . . and frankly, I'm rather disappointed that they won't even allow mommas the option of non-generic hats for their wee babes. I'm going to try to find a way around the admin . . . see if I can get a labour nurse to smuggle the hats in . . . think it'll work? I'm tempted to make skully hats in pastel colours, but then I'm afraid they'll be discarded.

In other news, Sally is nearing completion. She needs arms, and possibly ears. Today, Sweet Pea wiped her boogers on her. It's true love.

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