Monday, 9 February 2009

As you can see, Sweet Pea has made Sally's acquaintance. She seems to like her. I hope adding arms, clothes and hair won't render her unlovable!

We had a busy weekend chez nous. Fridays my parents come over to see Sweet Pea. Saturday, Mr. Wonderful's high school buddy came over with his wife and son, who is just a little older than our little one. He blew her mind with his ability to crawl, and cruise, and change from sitting to not sitting on his own! Ever since, she's been trying so hard to do it too. Last night she successfully cruised 2 steps sideways before she fell. This is a huge improvement! As of Friday she couldn't (or wouldn't) even hold herself up at the coffee table. I know I'll rue the day I encouraged her mobility soon enough . . . but for now it's all so exciting and foreign to her. I want her to have that adventure and excitement.

Aww! Lookit them playing together!
We really enjoy this particular family's company. There are certain matches you make in life that you really hope will work out in the long-term, and this is one of those for us.

Sunday was mini-niece's 3rd birthday party. In a word? Exhausting. Someday Sweet Pea will be three . . . God help us. There was frenzy and excitement and most notably balloons everywhere! And, (fabulous) now everyone wants knit toys for their birthday. sigh.


Alrischa said...

Awww... that kiss at the end! She does love her! Shake shake shake. hehe.

FnkyGreenMama said...

So sweet! Love the video and the pic. Hopefully they will be lifelong friends! And, the sentiment is certainly mutual :)