Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hospital Hats.

I have finished three hospital hats.

2 in some gnarly, sweaty hand, squeaky acrylic procured during someone else's de-stash. They are as follows:

Scalloped hospital hat. Seems to be available only as a Ravelry download. Sorry, not trying to exclude anyone. I added 2 pattern rows per tier as comments indicated the hat was a wee bit short.

Boring hospital hat. Which is just Simple baby cap 1 from Itty-Bitty Hats. I have to say it doesn't bode well that it fits 7 month old Sweet Pea . . . . but as you can see, it JUST BARELY fits her noggin.

The final completed hospital hat is this one:
Itty hospital hat. The pattern is Koru, available at the Justjussi webpage. Scroll down, you'll see it. It did make a very tiny little hat. I'm thinking preemie sized. Then again, given that my apparent newborn sized hat fit my big baby girl, I may be way off.
This hat was crafted in Kashmir DK, as a respite from the gross acrylic.

I have quite a bit of yarn left to go, and therefore several more hats before we'll call it a day. Stay tuned!

In Sally news, she got one arm last night!

Sweet Pea seems to be good with that. I should be able to finish her today.

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