Friday, 30 January 2009

25 Things.

There's this thing going around Facebook. You list 25 random things about yourself, then you tag 25 people to do it next. Mr. Wonderful's cousin tagged me. I listed things, then I thought it might make for an interesting blog post.

1. As a general rule, I ignore this stuff.
2. I have one tatto. A cherry blossom. On my lower back. AKA a tramp stamp, except I'm not a tramp.
3. I've been pierced 5 times. I no longer have any of those piercings.
4. I knit. A lot.
5. I only knit with luxury fibres. Spendy yarn for me!!
6. I sometimes think I spend too much time on the inter-tubes, and not enough time playing with my daughter.
7. Sometimes my daughter exhausts me, and I just need a damned break!
8. I've known my husband since we were 14 -- that's half my life.
9. We've been a couple since we were 19 -- 10 years this summer.
10. I've always been a city girl, and I was pretty unsure about moving to a small town.
11. I love living in a small town!
12. I'm too pragmatic for my own good. Unless we're talking about yarn.
13. I don't think the number 13 is unlucky. I'm not really superstitious at all.
14. I don't like winter, and I'm not crazy about summer. Both are too extreme for me. I prefer autumn and spring.
15. I really like squash. Actually, most vegetables.
16. I LOVE goat cheese. I eat it by the spoon full.
17. I'm pretty adventurous. I'm not opposed to trying new things.
18. I have worked as a playground leader, tour guide, paintball referee, in management, in sales, in retail, and in customer service. My favourite jobs ever were at the Paintball Arena, and the summers I spent as a playground leader.
19. I really dislike horror and suspense movies. Also, chick flicks. Yech.
20. I enjoy taking photos. I've also worked as a photographer, on a moon-lighty basis.
21. I've photographed 4 weddings. I was only paid for one. The rest I did 'of the goodness of my own heart' ;)
22. I'm very proud of having birthed my daughter with no drugs - completely naturally with the assistance of my husband and a birth doula. I really amazed myself.
23. I can sing beautifully if no one's listening. The second I have to 'perform', I'm off-key and terrible. That's weird because as a child, I sang at performances all the time.
24. Performing comes naturally to me. I'm a youngest child. I used to act in plays all the time.
25. As a teenager, I played numerous instruments, but primarily french horn. I was in a symphony orchestra, a concert band, and a marching band. That's right, I was a band geek.

Thanks for concern and support re: my last post. We're fine. 3 days post impact and neither Sweet Pea nor I are suffering. I didn't mean to worry anyone!!

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Batty said...

I don't like chick flicks either. And I spend way too much time knitting and on the internet, so you're not alone there. It's always interesting to learn 25 random things about people... not a big meme fan, but this one is fun.

Glad you and daughter are OK!