Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Oh yeah, we're keepin' it!

Yesterday Mr. Wonderful and I did some new camera/old camera comparisons . . . no doubt about it, the new camera is vastly superior in many ways. We ARE keeping it.

Something else new-to-us that we're keeping? FRIDGE!

Old fridge:
Came with the house. Has permanent stickers on it, as well as a festive coat of rust. Lovely. Also, has the benefit of cardio exercise. It would make this death rattle from time to time that would really get my heart pumping -- not to mention the dodgy shelves that let go with a WHAM when you least expected it.

Oh yeah, and the crispers. The crispers weren't right either. They had to be lifted and jiggled to be closed properly.
In short, the fridge just wasn't right.
It came with the house, and we're not in the buying new appliances zone just yet.

Not too long ago, my parents kindly presented us with their old stove when they got a new one. My brother just re-did his kitchen and got his family a different fridge -- now our appliances are all newer!! YAY! And it didn't cost us a penny - also yay!

Note the lack of stickers and absence of rust.

So shiny and pretty and new! Mr. W spent a lot of time cleaning and setting up our new fridge. It's so awesome!
Even the freezer!

. . . and this is where I come to the full realization that 1) I'm not young and irresponsible anymore and 2) a fridge excites me, and that's a little sad . . .

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pinkrosecottagelady said...

I'm so envious - the thing is so clean and organized! Its funny how suddenly things like new appliances appeal to you - definitely a sign of maturing, but I'm still there's still a lot of kid in you too. I felt the same way getting my new stove this year.