Sunday, 18 January 2009

Cripes. WTF?

What happened to my knitting blog? Now it's all baby and everyday life.
I haven't even talked knitting in weeks! I have, however been knitting - nonstop- as I am inclined to do. Allow me to demonstrate:

Since the hat I showed off in-progress was completed, I have made mittens for me

And the joker got away (ravelry link)
Pattern: Herringbone Mittens with Poms
Made in leftover Cascade 220, already considering another pair.
These are great and so warm!

A mini-mitt keychain for myself that I did not photograph.
A Doddy For Sweet Pea

When big bro and his family took custody of Doddy #1,
it gave me the excuse I'd been looking for to make doddy #2.
Dk Doddy (Rav link)
Pattern: Doddy
Sweet Pea likes this better than the other one.

An adorable cardi for Sweet Pea called Little Mabel

Little Sweet Pea (Rav link)
Pattern: Little Mabel by Sublime. It's not online, but in booklet #612
Yarn: Baby Bamboo
Seemed like more trouble than it was worth at first. Now that I've seen it
on her, totally appropriate amount of trouble. I might even consider making it again.

And just in the last 2 days, a sweet little sheep
Seascape Pygmy Sheep (Rav link)
Pattern: Pommel in English
Leftover bits of DK
Pattern was really futzy, Sheep is really small -- but totally cute.
Now I don't know what to do with the FO.

And that's just the stuff I've started since the hat!
I've also finished a few things . . .

Sweet Pea's Blueberry Jacket (rav link)
Drops pattern can be found here.
Yarn: Sublime Soya Cotton - interesting stuff. Lots of broken plies, but I really like the way it worked up. I would use it again. Note: doesn't get along real well with the dryer.

Also finished another pair of mittens, but no photos.

And of course, Nephew's Pea Pod was finished and gifted for Christmas.

So you see, even though I may not blog about knitting, I am still knitting!


canadacole said...

That doddy is AWESOME! And the sheep can come live here any day. And everything else is super cute too.

It's mommy brain. It's next to impossible to think about something else once you have a baby. It'll ease back a bit as you find ways to combine it (like cleverly knitting things for Sweetpea so you can still have photos of her on your knitting blog!).

Stickyfingers said...

Dude, that is totally what I do already. And then I neglect to blog her in her cute knits. Sigh.

Alrischa said...

Oh... that pygmie sheep went straight onto my Ravelry queue! But I love it in green and blue. I reckon you should add it to a baby sweater, you know... tie it to a pocket. hehe.

Penny Karma said...

Can I just say you have the freakin CUTEST baby???